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Thread: Various Scripted and Non-scripted Clothing

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    Default Various Scripted and Non-scripted Clothing

    Scripted Items:

    1. a loose snowy white coat with satin-cuffed pockets (T2) MB: 150k

    4. an autumnal orange jacquard gown woven with a pattern of gilded maple leaves (fully unlocked) MB: 250k

    6. a silk-piped onyx velvet jacket pinned with an oval ivory-set cameo (fully unlocked) MB: 250k

    8. a sleek layered peacock feather corset (off the shelf) MB: 100k
    SHOW: A series of narrow whalebone stays support black brocade panels to force the wearer's upper body into a tapering silhouette when the lacing is pulled taut through a spinal column of copper grommets. Sleek peacock feathers radiate upwards and outwards from the low pointed hem to cover the entire corset in a blaze of layered emerald green plumage with eyes of vibrant cobalt blue and violet, their wispy curled tips forming an understated sweetheart neckline.

    9. some tall cognac leather boots with perforated suede panels MB: 100k CB: 100k to heywhat? SOLD
    You slip your feet into the cognac leather boots, fastening the small alum gears to secure the fit.
    You carefully rub the small alum gears on your cognac leather boots, which tick idly for a moment.
    You place a hand on your cognac leather boots and turn the small alum gears, which noisily clanks and produces tiny plumes of steam. The small alum gears continue moving about on the boots for an entire cycle before coming to a stop.
    You unfasten the small alum gears and slip your feet out of your cognac leather boots.

    13. a sheer white silk blouse with web-stitched patterns (off the shelf) MB: 75k

    14. a rose gold velveteen gown grazed with tiny bronze oak leaves (off the shelf) MB: 100k

    Non-scripted items:
    All MB of 25k

    15. a high-waisted electrum-on-sanguine silk column skirt with a tonal sash

    16. a pair of smoky orchid ruched chiffon shoes with translucent glaes toes

    17. an ivory chainsil gown pinned with mermaid's-tear sapphires

    18. a warm auburn alligator skin corset lined with bronze satin

    20. a pair of shapely cherry red yatane beaded with bronze cloisonne squares

    21. an open-backed nacreous black crepe silk gown

    22. a cream organza column gown with an obsidian thorny vine bordering the open back

    23. a pair of mesh-vamped black leather ankle-boots

    All MB of 50k

    28. a small leather-sheathed ampoule with a cork stopper
    A small antiqued label on the ampoule reads, "Bound in Scarlet."
    You sniff delicately at the sheathed ampoule, and detect the faint scent of night-blooming jasmine, blood orange, bitter walnut, and lush red pomegranate.

    30. a ghostly pale moonstone bottle brushed with strokes of amber and silver
    A small antiqued label on the bottle reads, "Luna."
    You sniff delicately at the pale moonstone bottle, and detect the faint scent of nightcap, white amber, and tobacco flower over orris root and soft resins.

    All MB 50k

    32. a frosted sterling silver-hued bottle.
    She has smooth, matte sterling silver lacquer brushed onto her squared fingernails.

    34. a wintry blue glass bottle crowned with a crystal shard
    She has crystal-tipped wintry blue gloss brushed onto her well-manicured fingernails.

    38. an ecru-striped pale lavender bottle
    She has ecru-striped pale lavender lacquer brushed onto her delicately rounded fingernails.

    39. an autumnal gold glass bottle
    She has a burnished autumnal gold glaze brushed onto her manicured fingernails.

    40. a river blue frosted glass bottle
    She has frosted river blue pigment brushed onto her short fingernails.

    Hair Accessories: (all change hair in features)
    All MB of 25k

    43. some periwinkle hydrangeas

    46. a dark-speckled orange wood lily

    48. some stark white mountain laurel

    49. a yellow and deep auburn marigold

    50. some frilled white Imaera's lace CB: 25k to BHawk SOLD
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    Mb 2/3

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    MB 33, 37, 11, 2
    "Never ask a wizard to explain all the junk they carry." - R.G.; locksmith

    The rich cream overwhelms your senses with complex sweetness before the climax of Dreaer tingles in your mouth.

    Sweetened to perfection, Dreaer warms your mouth and belly with wholesome goodness.


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    MB on 10, 25, 29, thank you!


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    MB 7

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    Morning update complete!

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    MB on 19, 24, 41, 45. Also, 300k on 2.

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    600k On 3
    You remove a flask of old dirt brown ale from in your loot sack.
    >drink my ale
    You take a drink from your dirt brown ale.
    It is thick with mold.
    You have 6 quaffs left.
    You actually put that in your mouth?! Not a wise choice, if you care about your health.

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    Afternoon update!

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    MB on 26

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