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Thread: Will-o-wisp amulet

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    Default Will-o-wisp amulet

    MB: 1mil CB: SOLD on generous BO

    a spherical glass pendant cradling a moss-nestled glowbark seed

    The glass pendant is inscribed with a green leaf. Through a slight opening, you see a small will-o'-wisp fluttering about inside the pendant, causing it to glow dark lavender.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This is will-o'-wisp sentient being. It can have the color changed by a special merchant, and have a SHOW description added, but it cannot change from "a [color] will-o'-wisp". Color is limited to 15 characters.

    In order to unlock certain commands, you must first fully bond to your will-o'-wisp. To bond, you can:
    FEED the will-o'-wisp certain items.
    INFUSE spirit into the will-o'-wisp.
    ATTEND the will-o'-wisp to play with it.

    The will-o'-wisp goes through four moods -- annoyed, mischievous/bored, content, and pleased. Mood will determine how it interacts with certain commands. Certain commands can cause its mood to improve or worsen, as well as just holding it or interacting with it. An annoyed will-o'-wisp can injure its handler.

    When you use certain commands, it will randomly cause the will-o'-wisp to get hungry, or just by simply holding it or interacting with it. Consider this the upkeep of the will-o'-wisp. It is very picky at what it can eat, and truly desires a particular type of item.

    The amulet that the will-o'-wisp comes in can be altered, but it must remain a small seed of some sort. When a will-o'-wisp is inside, the amulet will have idle messaging, but this can be turned off via PROD. The will-o'-wisp itself cannot have its idle messaging turned off when its handlers is interacting with it. In the case where one misplaces the amulet, the will-o'-wisp will not be able to leave the handler's inventory and will need to either find the amulet that is misplaced, or get a new amulet. If neither can be found, you'll need to ASSIST for a replacement.

    LOOK/SHOW - Gives some details on the will-o'-wisp current state.
    GET/PUT - Can only be placed in a similar empty amulet that the will-o'-wisp came in.
    FEED - This is how to feed and bond to the will-o'-wisp.
    INFUSE - This is how you can bond with the will-o'-wisp. *
    EXHALE - Send the will-o'-wisp some breath.
    ATTEND - Play with the will-o'-wisp to bond with it and improve its mood.
    LISTEN - Can get a general understanding of the will-o'-wisp's mood.
    POKE - A fully bonded will-o'-wisp can be worn like a ring when poked. *
    TURN - A fully bonded will-o'-wisp can change the eye color of its handler when turned. *
    WHISPER - A fully bonded will-o'-wisp can be whispered a name to attempt to discover their location.
    PUT [ITEM] - A fully bonded will-o'-wisp can change the appearance of herbs.
    BREAK - This will break the bond the will-o'-wisp has with its handler.
    WEAR/REMOVE - A fully bonded will-o'-wisp can hover around its handler's shoulder.
    LORESING/DETECT - Loresing or cast Elemental Detection (spell 405) on the will-o'-wisp for info.
    * - Has other action depending on bonding level.
    + - All actions are subject to change depending on mood.

    You get no sense of whether or not the will-o'-wisp may be further lightened.
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