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Thread: 90's warrior society choices...

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    Default 90's warrior society choices...

    since all the buyers backed out of my recent warrior auction I decided to give him a go again. currently a Voln master...but I have been considering leaving to join GoS for warcamp berserking funtime. Is this a crazy idea i have to start a society over this late in his career? any thoughts?

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    Not if you're well geared. It's going to be hard to raze camps solo, but it always is...

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    I've never had a character higher than level 70 and I don't play many warriors, but with that being said; I'm kind of jealous of your upper level Voln warrior. You can get that mana eating armor that's out there and save TP's on HP. No worry about spirit, get a great teleportation spell, and use all your stamina for maneuvers

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