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Thread: Leaving the Lands Auction

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    MB b12
    Arr Matey-Level 86 Elemental Sorc
    Bovine-Level 12 Diablo2 Cow King Reimagined

    For Sale: 6x/10x acuity T4 nerve staff. T2 ensorcell. 225m/$1575 Or Best Offer.
    For Sale: 8x, T5 ensorcell, max light, medium shield 30m takes it!
    Want to buy: level 20-30 GMan/Dwarf/Krov/Human empath. MSG me with price and stats
    Want to buy: 6X or 7X project runestaff. Fire flares prefered.

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    MB on A7 and A8 please.

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    B4 10mil

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    MB on B12 please

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    17mil on A2
    [LNet]-GSIV:Nitefallz: "wait whats a poop sock"

    [Merchant]-GSIV:Skoll: "Some say the customer is always right, some say the customer is a bitch ass loser and needs to shut up"

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    18mil A2

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    C5: mb

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    My current items for sale or trade: Treasures in the Brambles.
    Contact: Nuadjha (Discord and LNet),

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    1m c7
    500k c9

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    1.2m on c3 and c4
    Discord - allen

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