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Thread: Leaving the Lands Auction

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    Updated all bids, advanced some further in the auction. Also added two new random items Sproink Bracer (b17), and a Empath hand-puppet (b18)

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    C1 7m
    SEND[Kenstrom] Bite me

    My shop has orbs and orb fodder and wearable enhancives and such:

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    C1 8m
    C3 2m
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    B19 2M

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    i bid 1.5m on C3 a jade-handled feras spear (Weapon, persists +12 Logic stat, +8 max mana
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    A7 - a fine dark veniom hip-satchel - 3 million

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    19.5 on A2

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    Mb b17
    You swing a vultite claidhmore at a black forest ogre!
    AS: +401 vs DS: +258 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +76 = +251
    ... and hit for 147 points of damage!
    Terrible slash to the black forest ogre's side!
    Entrails spill out, onto the ground!
    Death can be SO messy.
    The light in a black forest ogre's eyes goes out as she collapses and finally dies.

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    20m on A2

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