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Thread: Fireleaf runestaff suggestions

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    Default Fireleaf runestaff suggestions

    I would like to add to my fireleaf runestaff. I am thinking about having the wood carved to be gripping something. I am guessing that I will need the material that could be added to the runestaff.

    I have for consideration;
    a miniature Liabo moon
    a fine glass Zelia sculpture
    copper-flaked vivid cerulean azurite

    Maybe the glass might not work since glass can break. But any thoughts on how to put the runestaff and the item together in a graceful sort of way?

    And could that be done by Sadie?

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    You don't have to provide materials unless they are classified as rare/very rare. Any of the ones you suggested would be fine without your having to provide them. Materials that are rare are things like balenite, lor, and elesine. I don't see a handy list of rare materials unfortunately, but here is the general materials category --

    I don't think Sadie can do work with materials that are actually rare because she doesn't turn up to confiscate them from your inventory.

    Some typical designs inspired by those items might be...
    * a twisted fireleaf runestaff capped with a miniature ivory Liabo moon
    * a fireleaf runestaff twined around a sculpted glass Zelia figure
    * a braided fireleaf runestaff topped by a polished orb of copper-flaked azurite

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    Ohhh awesome ideas! Thank you! And thank you for the information on the rare materials.

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