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    If you are wearing augmented chain or half plate would you be better off having damage padding compared to crit? Or I see you can,have flares added to armor now?
    Also if you are using stronger armor is there an armor skill that makes more sense to train in? I am a twc user if that helps with what I should be looking for.

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    Race may be a factor in that some races have more blood, but generally I care about crits. That's what gets you stunned and causes instant kills. Usually if you're just losing HP you can run away and get healed or eat herbs.

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    Is the heavier armor less prone to crit?

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    Everyone likes armor support so that skill will always be popular. You will see less crits in heavier armor but crit padding is nice to add too

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    Eh, warriors have redux anyhow, who needs damage padding.

    And +1 for armor support.

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