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Thread: Consolidated List of High End Stuff

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    updated, a few price drops

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    bump. Climatewear cloak price raised to 30k BS.

    3/200 tier 3 fully unlocked climatecloak. Certificate to go from tier 2 to tier 3 is currently 30k BS.

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    updated prices again

    3/200 Fully Unlocked ClimateWear (feature hiding, hooded) - a patchwork leather cloak crafted from various animals - 25K BS - Currently 30K BS in shop
    2/100 Belt worn (epic deep normally 60!) Fully Unlocked Auto-Bundler - a distressed doeskin bag fringed with various talons - 12K BS - currently 15k BS in shop
    2/100 Front worn (exceeds max epic deep) Fully unlocked Pirate harness - a weathered leather harness made from a multitude of straps - 12K BS - currently 15K BS in shop
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    Who bought the ancient elven warblade with dark runes scrawled upon the blade? Contact me.

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    I'll take 21 and 22 for...The leather scrip pouch contains 22254 bloodscrip.

    That's the last of my scrip. Let me know, chief.

    Thank you.

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