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    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    Stop. Fucking stop you and your friends are giving me a stroke right fucking now. I have no one here left,no one. They all ditched me for being a noob.
    No, I am not Drauz in game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    Stop. Fucking stop you and your friends are giving me a stroke right fucking now. I have no one here left,no one. They all ditched me for being a noob.

    They can help you with your NPD-V issues.

    Good day, sir.
    I just took a DNA test, and I'm 100% that bitch.

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    Hlendril I think it's time you realized it's you and got help and not everyone else's fault. If you're having suicidal thoughts over video games it's probably better you didn't play at all.

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    People still seriouspostin' @ this obvious troll, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    Great now Im red reped. Damn...
    Rep is meaningless. That said, you must have gotten a lot because I just green repped you and you're still red. :shrug:

    In case anyone is wondering, I have quit the game.

    I just cant take the insanity anymore. Of all games Ive played, this is prolly the hardest to get through.
    This is one of the easiest games to get through. Literally all you have to do is not be disruptive. As long as you're not being disruptive, you can do pretty much anything you want, within reason. I'm not exaggerating in the least bit. If after all the advice you've been given you still can't grasp it and get your shit together, then the problem isn't with this game or its community, the problem is with you. The sooner you start being honest with yourself and realize this and quit trying to deflect blame to everyone else, the better off you'll be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    You people really enjoy people suffer huh? I knew it was a mistake to ask for help in fucking Player Corner, a place where Boomers try to act all hip and edgy without realizing they only have 5 years left to live. This place is even worst than 4chan /pol/. At least they were funny.
    When you first showed up here, the majority of people were falling over themselves to welcome an actual new player and provide you all sorts of help and advice, moreso than I've ever seen with any other new player on here for as long as this forum has existed. You were given all the advice and tools you needed to succeed. You're the one who shit all over that. Even then, most people here were still nice to you, offering constructive criticism to help you work out your noob issues. Except it turns out it's not actually noob issues that are the problem, it's narcissism issues and whatever other mental issues you have that are the issue. We can't fix that. The internet can't fix that. That's something you need to seek professional help for to fix.

    You ignored 100% of the help and advice everyone has offered you, whether they were nice at first and mean now, or nice to you the entire time. It doesn't matter who's giving you the advice, because you're still ignoring it. This thread is 50 fucking pages long and you're still shitting all over all the advice that anyone has given you, and you're still here deflecting blame and trying to pin everything on everyone except the only person responsible for your problems, which is you.

    Most of us are Gen X'ers btw. This was brought up during one of your other meltdowns too, which much like every bit of advice you've been given to help make your GS experience better, went in one ear and out the other. You demonstrate repeatedly that you're not open to taking anyone's help or advice. You just want to cry about shit, because stomping around in game swinging your dick around demanding that you be feared and respected by people who have invested decades in this game, and it didn't get you the type of attention you wanted that for some reason was completely unexpected to you. I seriously think you're creating this drama intentionally due to some other underlying mental issue that is completely unrelated to GS, and I don't believe for a second that you don't have similar issues in other social situations in your life outside of GS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hlendril View Post
    I lurk 4chan.

    I think Im just losing my mind now after all the shitty things happening in my life.
    The shitty things happening in your life aren't the responsibility of the GS community to deal with or wipe your ass over. Everyone here has their own problems. Despite that, people have tried to help anyway, and like with everything else, you shit all over it. It gets tiring, yet your version of everything is "These people are mean assholes for no reason at all and btw they're all old and about to die irl anyway so fuck em for not fearing and respecting my text character!!!!!!!" and don't understand why people stopped giving a shit about trying to help you after 4732042 unsuccessful attempts.

    I feel depressed for no reasson and I dont know why.
    Go see a doctor then. Another piece of advice people here have been giving you that you've also been ignoring is to seek professional help, because you've made it clear that you're not playing with a full deck. Gemstone, or probably the internet in general, isn't a good place for people with these kinds of mental issues to spend their free time on. I'm telling you this for your own good, not because I'm trying to trash on you.

    I play Gemstone but again and again I keep letting people down.
    Ok I'll bite...why do you keep letting people down? What specifically is it that you're doing that's causing this? This isn't a rhetorical question. I'd like an actual answer to this, because the only way you can answer this honestly is to do some actual self reflection first.

    My mind just feels suicidal now and loosing all my stuff isnt exactly helping.

    I thought this community wad noob friendly but was the opposite. God damn I made a mistake.
    This is some top tier crybaby bullshit and you know you're being dishonest as fuck at best, narcissistic as fuck at worst with that statement, because it completely contradicts this statement:

    I always look back on my first thread. I wish people still treated me nicely.
    People stopped treating you nicely because you stopped treating them nicely. Being consistently disruptive in game, being an asshole to people in game, ignoring everyone's advice about how to not act like a disruptive asshole in game, and then blaming the community for your problems, is you treating people like shit and not being nice. If you'd acquire some self awareness and start being honest with yourself instead of looking for ways to blame everyone else for problems that you created, you wouldn't have this problem. You are reaping what you sowed.

    The fact that after all the time many of us including myself have wasted trying to help you out over and over and over and over and over, just for you to continually ignore it, shit all over it, and then say some shit like that, does nothing but make you look like an ungrateful piece of shit of a person with some serious narcissism issues at the very least. And if it's not that, then you have serious mental issues in general that you need to seek actual treatment for.

    Another word of advice: If you actually did quit GS, stay gone at least for a while at least until you can work out your mental issues. Once you have that worked out, then come back. If you didn't actually quit but said you did for attention purposes, you just made your situation 4832704x worse. GS has its share of uppity cunts, sure, but overall this community is pretty receptive to people who actually put effort into unfucking themselves, and has little tolerance for people who lie about things to get attention. You are unlikely to be an exception to either. But first, you have to admit that the problem that needs to be unfucked is you, and not everyone else. I've seen people on here who have never had a problem with anyone come out against you with long and detailed rants, game logs, etc. All people have seen so far is you talk about fixing your shit, and then going right back to doing the same shit you just got done saying you were going to work on fixing, and the cycle repeats itself again and again and again. People have already been far more tolerant with you and your bullshit than you deserved, yet here you are still blaming your problems that you created on everyone except yourself while tossing insults at the same people who have already wasted countless hours trying to help you out.

    That's not a them problem, it's a you problem.

    All the "mean things" people are saying to you are in reaction to shitty thing you've said and done to others. You should write this on the back of both of your hands and then say it out loud to yourself anytime you happen to look at it.

    Another word of advice: The suicide card isn't going to gain you any sympathy here. It's just going to reinforce the belief that you're a few exclamation points short of "I want a broadsword!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    And if someone really wanted to push it, could probably find some way to report it to your local authorities for your own safety. I'd be surprised if someone didn't forward that post over to Simu, since they already have your personal info and would know which local whoever to alert. Which you would also probably try to find a way to blame on everyone else. "I said I'm suicidal and someone reported it to a suicide prevention place because they're mean people who hate me for being a noob!"

    I honestly don't know why I'm even making this post because you're just going to ignore literally everything it like you have with everything else.

    TLDR: Your problem is you want to be heard, but you don't want to listen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Back
    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.
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    Remember, I'm a tiny dick pussy.

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    Slow day at work Methais? you wrote a damn novel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roiken View Post
    Slow day at work Methais? you wrote a damn novel.
    It was all worth saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    Rep is meaningless.

    Also, TG;CR. (Too gay, couldn't read)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roiken View Post
    Slow day at work Methais? you wrote a damn novel.
    Pretty sure he gets third period off.
    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    Methais isn't even on my level bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    You had better pay your guild dues before you forget. You are 113 months behind.

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