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Thread: Round Tree Fiddy!

  1. Default Round Tree Fiddy!

    Round Tree Fiddy with more items and lower prices!

    These are minimum bids, not buy outs. If you don't like my price, please feel free to OFFER me, I'm reasonable! If you want to bundle stuff I'm open for offers.

    Please note the listings for Silvers, Premium Points, and bundled Simucoin items.

    Auction will proceed in a once, twice, sold format. I will try my best to update once a day in the evening.

    Reach me at: or on Discord CarbonCamaro#4356

    ItemEnchantFlaresCombat ScriptWPSEnsorcelSpecial Properties/NotesPriceBidBidderCall
    40 Million Silvers      $120.00$270.00RedM&MSOLD
    3200 Premium Points      $90.00$120.00GGBSOLD
    a set of ornate partly-melted plate +30+25 DS, HCP LCPT2Auction Level Ethereal, full plate$50.00$60.00RedM&MSOLD
    a dusky rough leather cloak     Legendary Bloodrune cloak - Minotaur, includes Mino bloodrune and pendant$25.00$25.00IDKSOLD
    a rotted leather chestpiece hanging loosely+30  HCPT1Robes$30.00$30.00NightHawkSOLD
    some soot-smeared leathers +15  MCP  $20.00   
    an invar-hafted huge kroderine spikestar +22DispelKnockout LCW Kroderine, 10 services CW$25.00$25.00UKnowNothingSOLD
    a mephitic bubble of ether     Unlimited Invisibility, shadowy messaging$20.00$20.00NightHawkSOLD
    a curved kroderine buckler+22Dispel   Spiked, Grobey script$5.00   
    a coppery red shrunken orc head tufted with clumpy matted fur     Anti-Thief Head$10.00$10.00NayNaySOLD
    a low-browed shrunken orc head traced with darkly scorched glyphs     Anti-Thief Head$10.00$10.00UKnowNothingSOLD
    a yellowing shrunken goblin head with a squat warty nose     Anti-Thief Head$10.00$10.00UKnowNothingSOLD
    a withered shrunken goblin head with haggard blue-green skin     Anti-Thief Head$10.00$10.00TDFWSOLD
    a gold wind-up key     Unlimited use, 30 mins, for DM dolls$5.00$5.00IDKSOLD
    an elaborate gold wind-up key     Unlimited use, 30 mins, for DM dolls$5.00$5.00IDKSOLD
    a zaffre-banded pale oak keg of dwarven ale     Unlimited dwarven ale$10.00$10.00TDFWSOLD
    a smooth klysmar cittern with an inlaid rosette pattern     Master quality, shoulder-worn$5.00   
    a verdigrised copper band crested with an Alhan'aht rivertear     Fully Unlocked Chaos Jewelry$5.00$5.00IDKSOLD
    a twisted villswood sceptre streaked with dark red stains+32 Defender - +5 DS   $10.00$10.00GGBSOLD
    a pair of rolaren-studded gauntlets+25Realm    $5.00   
    some rotted leather leg-wraps     +5 Necro ranks - not currently charged$3.50$10.00Jay BateSOLD
    some rotted leather arm-wraps     +5 Necro ranks - not currently charged, Hidden Dagger script$3.50$10.00Jay BateSOLD
    a rotted leather aventail     +5 Necro ranks - not currently charged$3.50$10.00Jay BateSOLD
    a rotted leather cowl     +5 Necro ranks - not currently charged$3.50$10.00Jay BateSOLD
    An old illthorn aegis/a sand-scoured illthorn bracer+25   T1Spiked, Grobey script, medium$3.50$3.50WzrdofOezSOLD
    a suit of matte black vultite scalemail+20    +4 TD, Moderate crush resistance$2.00   
    an ebon quartz-adorned yoke bordered with ivory skulls      Quartz Orb Baldric script, Tier 2 of 4$3.50$3.50GGBSOLD
    a mechanical clockwork case     Pinata maker$3.50$3.50TDFWSOLD
    a seedy knave doll      Delirium Manor doll$2.00   
    an emaciated soulslayer doll      Delirium Manor doll$2.00   
    a large bloodletter doll      Delirium Manor doll$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a deranged forester doll     Delirium Manor doll$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a rugged avenger doll     Delirium Manor doll$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a menacing demon face brooch     Unlimited Candy$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a jet black wig      Gweedetta Wig - coral snake$2.00   
    a flax-spotted ultramarine plant     Chomper plant$3.50$7.00BunnyFuFuSOLD
    a ragged cloth curse doll     Voodoo doll, wave it at a friend!$2.00   
    a pin-covered burlap doll     Voodoo doll, wave it at a friend!$3.50$3.50TDFWSOLD
    ruic-stemmed dark glaes pipe with a faceted firestone bowl     Self-filling pipe$3.50$15.00NayNaySOLD
    an oiled kobold skin satchel with a frost-covered opening     Snowball satchel, fully unlocked, 1x/day snow$3.50$3.50TDFWSOLD
    a sinew-bound large chicken foot     Permanent disk changer, bug-covered$2.00   
    a sapphire-set red mithril chest     Alter box, weapon$3.50$3.50TDFWSOLD
    a polished fireleaf music box with antiqued brass corners     Music box, ambients$2.00   
    a diseased turkey vulture charm     Message Charm$2.00   
    an ancient bone-spined tome     Writeable, pocketed, beltworn, scripted$3.50$4.00RedM&MSOLD
    an ivory-clawed stone chicken foot     Enhancive hider Sylinar Spire$2.00   
    a white leather wristband set with several bloodstone ampoules      +20 health recovery, 40 charges$2.00   
    a witchwood dollhouse trinket     Delirium Manor token - Major Sanctuary - Closet$2.00   
    a silver dollhouse-imprinted medallion     Delirium Manor token - 318/1640 resurrection messaging$2.00   
    some silvery sephwir dice     Lesser Dice of Fate, Ranger spells, 5x/day$3.50$3.50KhelbaenSOLD
    a lustrous rosewood band carved with a series of swirling flower petals     MR, 601$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a leather armband adorned with seed pearls and sapphires     2x/day 602$3.50$3.50WzrdofOezSOLD
    a jet-tipped white monir wand     Relieve Burden, raise, rechargeable, crumbly$2.00   
    a smoky topaz studded gold orb     Warding Sphere, tap, rechargeable$2.00   
    a dirt-filled yellow clay vase     T4 Dawdley Pot$2.00   
    a riveted steel lunch box     Holds 15lbs weightlessly, beltworn$3.50$5.00BunnyFuFuSOLD
    Unnavable gold rings - 4701 uses      $2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    Encumberance Charms - 375 uses      $2.00   
    Spell Up Pills - 342 uses      $2.00   
    a lusterless black button     Illusion pin - Dark shadows twist and swirl around him$3.50$3.50BunnyFuFuSOLD
    a pair of wart-encrusted gloves tucked away in your clothing     Hands are covered with clusters of warts$2.00   
    an ornate silver-caged mithril sidesword+20  HCW  $2.00   
    a pair of periwinkle gloves+20 Parasitic Weapon - T2  Maul$2.00   
    a massive dark alloy mace CyclesShadowShadowdeath   $3.50$5.00UKnowNothingSOLD
    a blackened veil iron sapara with a single diamond set in the hilt+25  HCW Scimitar$2.00   
    a soot-rubbed vaalorn palache with a single ruby set in the hilt +23  VHCW Scimitar$2.00   
    a violet rhimar-shod crosier incised with ebon whorls +25Ice   3/9 upgrades, all minors$2.00   
    a blue-swirled kroderine sledgehammer+22Dispel   Kroderine$3.50$10.00NightHawkSOLD
    a red-bladed dwarven greatsword +30    Extraplanar Bane (+10 AS)$3.50$3.50WzrdofOezSOLD
    a pair of thick leather gauntlets with polished eonake studs+20    Sanctified$3.50$3.50NightHawkSOLD
    a pair of thick eonake-toed leather boots +20    Sanctified$3.50$3.50NightHawkSOLD
    some worn leather gloves with heavy invar studs+25  TBD  $2.00   
    a pair of black rune-inscribed gauntlets+20Acid    $2.00   
    a gory green troll-arm scabbard     Scripted troll-arm weapon holder$3.50$4.00RedM&MSOLD
    a hooded simple black silk robe embroidered sparingly with carmine dragonstalk blooms     Armor concealer - torso, arms, legs and head$3.50$3.50NayNaySOLD
    a filthy dark spidersilk pouch wrapped in an obsidian chain     Fully unlocked spider bag, 10 spiders, medium amount$2.00$2.00IDKSOLD
    a mud-stained canvas feed bag with bits of matted fur stuck to it     Shoulder worn, epic deep (140lbs)$2.00$2.00WzrdofOezSOLD
    a dusty coarsely spun wool coat embroidered with the Grevnek Clan emblem     Armor concealer - torso, arms, legs and head$3.50$3.50NayNaySOLD
    a well-worn russet roa'ter skin pack clasped with a crystalline scorpion     Back worn, epic deep (200lbs)$3.50$3.50RedM&MSOLD
    some sturdy scalemail colored in a wash of sea blue and green tones +25     $1.00$1.00WzrdofOezSOLD
    a dark mithglin toporok with a crescent-shaped blade+30    Fully unlocked Mistblade$1.00$2.00RedM&MSOLD
    some embossed double leather +25     $1.00$2.00NayNaySOLD
    an embossed leather breastplate +25     $1.00$1.00KhelbaenSOLD
    some golvern brigandine armor +25     $1.00$1.00NayNaySOLD
    a serrated veil iron longsword+30     $1.00$1.00BunnyFufuSOLD
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  2. Default

    Welcome to the Dollar Store!

    Want to bundle some stuff?!?! Let me know!

    ItemEnchantFlaresCombat ScriptWPSEnsorcelSpecial Properties/NotesPrice
    a scratched golvern chain hauberk +25     $1.00
    some cowled fuzzy beige robes +25Void    $1.00
    some pale yellow silk robes +20Lightning   Moderate impact resistance$1.00
    some pale yellow light leather +20Lightning   Moderate impact resistance$1.00
    a suit of dark leather brigandine reinforced with rolaren rivets +25     $1.00
    some veil iron studded leather +25     $1.00
    a burnished faewood buckler +25     $1.00
    a thick veil iron buckler +25     $1.00
    a polished golvern aegis +25     $1.00
    a zorchar hammerbeak with a crude maoral haft+25Lightning    $1.00
    a cedar-hafted vultite mace +20  DCW 8 points$1.00
    a serrated veil iron longsword+30     $1.00
    a thin-bladed carving knife with a serrated back edge +15 Defender - +5   $1.00
    an invar-tipped golvern longsword +25     $1.00
    a mithril-edged vultite falchion +25     $1.00
    a faenor-tipped veil iron short sword +25     $1.00
    a veil iron broadsword +25     $1.00
    an ora-hilted vultite short sword +20    7 points$1.00
    a heavy lor runestaff +25     $1.00
    an engraved fireleaf runestaff +27    Extraplanar Bane (Unbalance flares)$1.00
    a suede-wrapped golvern maul +25  SWDW 5 points$1.00
    a rolaren executioner's axe with a petrified ebonwood handle+25Disintegrate    $1.00
    a wrought twisted kelyn bisacuta with a mist-shrouded necrotic serpent wrapped around it+25Snake    $1.00
    a kelyn-hilted mithril claidhmore +5  Claidh  $1.00
    some ebon leather boots inlaid with rhimar whorls+25Ice    $1.00
    a pair of thick leather gauntlets with polished eonake studs+20    Sanctified$1.00
    a pair of thick eonake-toed leather boots +20    Sanctified$1.00
    some vultite spiked augmented chain+20    8 Dex (22), 5 Survival (21)$1.00
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