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Thread: Tune your shit to global ESP!

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    >I think you mean ESP DEFAULT GLOBAL to have global as your default channel, but even without defaulting to it you can hear/send on it.

    That. Thx.

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    good suggestion to make crystal amulets "non-functional".

    Or introduce a new slot and new crystal amulets for that slot. I know I would use a crystal amulet if i could wear it in, say, my new codpiece slot.
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    Confirmed, gilchristr thinks with his penis!

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    Haha. Well, lets all try to keep the roblrnet running more often.
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    I don't see a Global channel in Discord. What do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilded View Post
    I don't see a Global channel in Discord. What do?
    He is talking about the amulet in game.
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    (it was a joke because no one uses amunet any more)

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