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Thread: E3 2018

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    Hoping they finally show some gameplay for Death Stranding.

    Supposedly Bethesda will be revealing something that will "make people fall out of their seats." My guess is either Elder Scrolls 6 or a Fallout MMO.

    Some other games rumored to be revealed: Doom 2, Rage 2, Just Cause 2, a new Assassins Creed and an open world Superman game.

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    Open world Superman could be incredible if they don’t fuck it up. Even just fucking around on that Superman game that was on 360 was pretty fun, and all I did was fly around the city on the free demo once I realized the missions were stupid.
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    Rocksteady did an amazing job with their Batman games so if this is indeed what they're working on it should be really good.

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    Taking this with a grain of salt, but I want to believe in Bloodborne 2 and DMC5.

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    Rage 2 announced.

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