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    I have uploaded a new script that I wrote called Autobundle to the repository.

    It will go through a specified container and bundle all hides into bundles of 10.

    I based the names of hides off of whats available on the wiki. There appears to be some hides that have the same name from different creatures. I am not sure if they can be bundled together. I am assuming not, but I can't test that til I get higher level to get those hides.

    Thanks to DintarL and SpiffyJr. I used some of their code from Myfletch and Slootbeta for some features.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Uploaded new version to fix a bug with Downstreamhook.

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    Added new functionality to organize arrows into bundles of 24. Works good on a bundle of 100 identical arrows. Will need some testing with different bundles of identical arrows.

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