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    Im hunting undead mostly but it's been a struggle with the live creatures being mixed in.Going forward past lev 50 and toward capped will I ever find undead exclusive areas or will they all be mixed? except places like reim or pay places of course.

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    I think everywhere has mixed. Why are you finding living harder to kill than undead? At cap, Rift, Sanctum, and Nelemer have a mix of undead and living.

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    Bonespear gets you to upper 50s, then wind wraiths/soul golems until mid 60s, then the pain really starts if you want to only hunt undead. Reim is basically the only answer for a while.

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    Rift’s plane 5 is all undead

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    Reim scales to level range tiers.

    Otherwise, I put all the undead on the wiki.

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    River's Rest citadel is full of undead, I think the level range is 54-62. You need to be careful hunting in there as the things there tend to swarm.
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