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    In my opinion, there should be a change to the way guild vouchers operate. Currently, upon activation, you get 30 minutes of double guild experience points. That sounds great, and it is great for guild training at lower ranks, but this bonus quickly loses it's value. For example, at rank 50 in alchemy, I can activate a voucher just after a finish a task and get the double bonus points. But when the next task is sweeping the floor 17 times, I won't even complete that before the 30 minute timer is out. Does it make sense that guild vouchers would offer double bonus points on a number of tasks?
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    I think you're thinking of the guild BOOSTs versions, the voucher packs let you hand in a task and get another one that isn't the one you just dropped. It can definitely be rough, especially when I'm pushing through lock mastery ranks and it takes more than 30m to pick 8-10 boxes that give reps. I would love to see these go from a time-based hand-in amount to a static number of turn ins. You get double points on the next two task hand-ins, for example!
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    I think the problem here is that you are doing alchemy in the first place.

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