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Thread: 10-setting ring

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    Default 10-setting ring

    How much do these go for nowadays?

    Thx in advance.

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    10-settings sold at Duskruin 3 years ago at 125K bloodscrip (with silver prices higher). I know of one that sold directly for $1,250.

    Since getting pulled from there, multi-setting rings last appeared Aug 2017 run, but as part of the high end shop and so with scaling costs based on amounts sold. I don't see how much the 5-setting & 12-setting ones began at on the wiki page ( but prices ended at 146,151 (5-setting), and 232,925 (12-setting).

    So I'd assume 150-200M for 5 setting and 300M+ for 12? If offered this run, it will be cheaper for the first few sold if someone has the bloodscrip in hand, but will rise in cost or be limited in total quantity. Though at the same time, scrip cost likely will drop somewhat as the event continues and multiple people farm and sell and maybe silvers too so dunno exactly.
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