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Thread: Official: Duskruin Dig February 2018

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    Default Official: Duskruin Dig February 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by GM Haliste
    Duskruin Dig, with Sewers and Bloodriven Village, is just around the corner! Duskruin Arena, the combat portion of Bloodriven, will not be available with this run of the Dig but will be open during a later run in 2018. Here's some information to help you enjoy this event.

    * To enter the sewers, you will need a "rat" token or a "rat token jar". These are available in a gold token (single use), bronze (10-use), silver (25-use), and gold (50-use) jars. These are available in the SimuCoin store.

    * To dig in the Dig area, you will need a "pickaxe". The following are available in the SimuCoin store.
    - rusted iron: single use
    - pitted iron: 10-use
    - rusted steel: 25-use
    - pitted steel: 50-use
    - invar: 100-use
    - mithril: 250-use

    * The Old Farmhouse, home to the NerveStave, will be closing after the February Duskruin Dig. It may reopen at a later date, but it's time to shut these doors.

    * The archaeologist has received a very large request for Moonshard Pendants and hopes to dry up that resource after February. Bloodrunes will still be plentiful, and plans to further research their many uses will continue.

    * A Moment In Time (easels) will not be open for February, but it will re-open during the full run of Duskruin Arena later in the year.

    * High End Scrip Shop - information is forthcoming on this. Stay tuned!

    * Spellbound has been expanded to make room for incoming inventory. While the shop is largely the same for this February, additions will make their way through its door later this year. For February, more spell preps have been added, and the exciting Shimmer Trinket -- along with an unlock certificate to add more uses -- has been placed on the wooden shelf. Enjoy!

    * Khloake and Dagger's inventory will be retired after the February event.

    * Bolt From The Blue: This shop has seen a bit of construction and is slightly larger. Items within containers have been rearranged to place like-bolts together and help with ease of browsing and selection.

    * Numerous shops have had inventory updates including (but not limited to) Cacographic Critters (with some new stuff for you to enjoy), Bloodriven Bowery, Gamac's Goods, Crosswinds and Crosshairs, Autumnal Den, and more.

    * Both the unique and jackpot feeders have been "locked and loaded" and are ready for you to find all the goodies! Want some things from the jackpot feeder to whet your whistle? How about...
    > Shocklance
    > Permablessed UAC
    > Adamantine armor accessories
    > Weight reducing container
    > Elemental Circlet
    > Legendary Bloodrune Cloak (brand new item)
    > Watering Can (from the 2016 Auction items)
    > Weighted Katana with Plasma Flares
    > +5 Defender Runestaff
    > Tier 2 Parasite Weapon
    > And much more!

    * Two new legendary bloodrunes have been sighted -- a storm griffin and a war griffin. If you've ever wanted a bit of avian flair, these bloodrunes are for you. And, if you're lucky, you might find the new legendary bloodrune cloak which will help you settle more comfortably into your new "skin". These cloaks, which also work with previous legendary bloodrunes in a unique and wonderful way, can be found if you dare to dig amongst the rubble of the Underground Temple.

    Duskruin Dig will run from Friday, February 16 at 9:00 PM through February 25 at 11:59 PM. See you there!

    ~ Haliste ~
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    Omrii: Okay, thanks Haliste. You're way better than Wyrom.
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    Jackpot items are meh.
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    I am totally going to this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAFT View Post
    Fuck the Bible and fuck you. Took over 2 years to get Nixon. Trump is fucked, just like you. ✌🏻❤️
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    You show me a video of me typing that and Ill admit it.

    Not sure why you'd create a false statement by me and put it in your signature. Seems kinda creepy...

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    jackpot items are underwhelming

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    Underwhelming? No longer will grif-kin be forced into identifying as humanoids! 5118 truly is a great year in Elanthia.
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    did i say underwhelming? then that is what i fucking meant

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    Quote Originally Posted by beldar17 View Post
    did i say underwhelming? then that is what i fucking meant
    Um, yes? Was someone claiming otherwise or are you just having a moment?
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    Agree with Beltard. I can only hope future bloodrunes allow for realistic textbased furry orgies. You know thats what Watley really wants.

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    well you also aren't paying 250k seashells for these jackpots. I mean you could i suppose.

    I am not thrilled with them either but I will be doing some of it. because I like to try for neat things

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