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    Quote Originally Posted by Vusit View Post
    So stuff that is getting retired this run or next, will return eventually?
    May as well use a magic eight ball.

    Some items no or not right away, some things maybe in June?

    Just depends on how long the game is up, Duskruin runs and the needs and wants of the company and players over time. Given enough time, the probability of stuff being offered again is good, though there are many options of items and services to rotate. Or even other events to stock or use them as a draw.

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    The power jump is likely inconsequential in most cases I suspect. Weighting is randomized and so are flares. One can control weighting randomization (the thing already approved), but controlling flare randomness is nearly impossible. Also, if a weighted weapon kills a target, the flare is irrelevant. I just don't see the appeal of flares and weighting/sighting in all but the most extreme cases(rare/unique flares). Armor is a nice place for flares plus padding, though

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    I agree in most cases but likely some coding to account for properties is planned instead of offering a high cost cert 1 size fits all.

    And crit weighting is not randomized, paddings and damage weighting is. The new stuff that can now be added are limited somewhat (bless and eblade), and the reverse is limited by the service system by time and opportunity. We’ll see what comes up but this is still a bonus of the new slot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    If that's the case, he should have called it professional wrestling retired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolfard View Post
    What does Flares + W/P/S mean? And what does "not this run" mean? I thought you can add flares to W/P/S gear without any problems?

    Basically its now possible from a technical standpoint to add flares to an item with weighting. That said on release they noted this would be an auction level service, and somehow completely forgot about it, or havent determined fair cost yet.

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    We'll do anything you guys want, if you pay enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GM Wyrom
    What is commonly called the T2, T3, and T4 feeders, are what we call the incidental loot of an event. We have named them Common, Uncommon, and Rare. We also have T5 and T6 which on the GM side are unique and jackpot. Unique is a bit unclear because it doesn't mean the item is 100% unique, it means it moves the item out of the feeder, where Common, Uncommon, and rare duplicate the items inside. Copies are generally made in the Unique and Jackpot, though we try to offer some variations where we can. That all said, I am going to post the contents of the lower feeders to help everyone make better decisions on participating. We will do this at events that use this sort of feeder system moving forward. As an example, Delirium does NOT use the same system, where Ebon Gate does.

    Common Feeder
    a jagged white sunstone shard Common moonshard
    a black opal fragment Common moonshard
    a white dreamstone sliver Common moonshard
    a broken white opal sphere Common moonshard
    a twisting blue-green potion Temporary enhancive charge (1800 seconds)
    a blue feather-shaped charm -100 encumbrance for 1800 seconds
    Uncommon Feeder
    a cracked ur-barath stone Uncommon moonshard
    a thin platinum strip Uncommon moonshard
    a coarse grey moonstone shard Uncommon moonshard
    a blood red garnet chunk Uncommon moonshard
    an Adventurer's Guild voucher pack 5 reassignment vouchers
    an Elanthian Guilds voucher pack 5 guild task trades
    a stability contract 1 login bridge
    Rare Feeder
    a golden glimaerstone nugget Very rare moonshard
    a sharp golden topaz shard Very rare moonshard
    a lopsided moonstone sphere Rare moonshard
    a thin kakore strip Very rare moonshard
    a splintered fire agate shard Rare moonshard
    a broken fire opal chunk Rare moonshard
    a thin iron strip Rare moonshard
    an enruned gold ring 100 use gold ring
    a silvery blue potion -100 encumbrance points for 5 days
    a squat pale grey crystal bottle 5 spellup pills
    a blood-infused white crystal Bloodrune crystal

    You can sell the majority of items in the feeders for bloodscrip, keep that in mind.

    We won't give a list of all the T5s and T6. But how about some more teasers? For Platinum, I'll post over there in a little bit.

    Unique Feeder
    Feature changing masks
    Large enhancives
    Ice cream maker
    Shimmer trinket certificates (for more charges)
    Resistance armors
    Special cloak clasps
    Lapidary boxes
    Pinata-creating boxes
    Hair quirk mirrors
    Forging slabs
    Countless weapons
    ..and over 300 other items.

    Jackpot Feeder
    A magical boot of legend
    Capsules loaded with SimuCoin Store items
    An orc coin hand
    Auction-quality ice cream maker
    Alter wand
    Wyrdling ring (an etched gold ring)
    Weight reduction cloak
    Skinning knife
    Flaring katana
    Shock lance (spear)
    Watering can
    Recharging crystal
    2x a day 425 periapt
    ...and over 100 other items.

    Wyrom, PM
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    Why would they not give a complete list? Do they think an incomplete list will make people be like "I wasn't going to do DR before, but since I like surprised let's go!" or something?

    Almost everything there looks like garbage anyway and are mostly old recycled items.
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