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Thread: Perfect weapons, fusion orbs, 6x hcp armor, bloodscrip

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    Default Perfect weapons, fusion orbs, 6x hcp armor, bloodscrip

    Got a few items going up for sale a little bit of everything named in the title. Auctions will go once, twice, sold. This will be updated roughly every 24 hours. Cash accepted at $5 per. consider all items to be normal weight unless specified. All orbs are old style and never used.


    W3. serrated steel forged doloire, 7x perfect modified battle axe MB: 13m CB:

    W4. perfect maoral-hilted mithril dagger, 7x perfect MB: 13m CB:


    O2. hoarfrost white orb, +10 polearm bonus MB: 4m CB:


    A3. some thick spiked double leather, 4x hcp, slightly resistant to shocking attacks, spiked MB: 8m CB: 15m Dud Sold

    A4. some dark leather scalemail, 6x hcp Brigandine MB: 25m CB: 30m Dud Sold

    A5. some dark vultite platemail, 6x hcp fullplate MB: 25m CB: 35m Martin Sold

    O3. hoarfrost white orb , +11 ohb bonus MB: 4m CB: 5m Hedrik Sold

    W1. perfect vultite handaxe, 7x perfect MB:13m CB: 13m neimanz1 Sold

    A1. some shadowy black vultite plate, 7x max light fullplate MB: 7m CB: 10m Wrathbringer Sold

    O1. shining hoarfrost white orb, +13 ohe bonus MB: 5m CB: Sold on a generous buyout to Nordred.

    W2. perfect ora handaxe, 7x perfect MB: 13m CB: 13m Fallen Sold

    A2. set of triple-linked crimson rolaren augmented chain set with rows of spikes, 7x aug chain, spiked, moderately resistant to fiery attacks MB: 7m CB: 8m Wrathbringer Sold

    O4. cardinal red orb, +9 strength stat MB: 4m CB: 4.5m Shabar Sold

    40k Bloodscrip MB: 60m CB: And sold on a buyout offer to Siruman

    Thanks for looking.
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    MB A3 and A4

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    A3 - 9m

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    MB - W2
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    MB - A5

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    Mb a1 & a2
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    MB O1

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    MB: O3 and O4
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    O4: 4.5m

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    10m on A3.
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