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Thread: Armor Use Question for Mechanics People

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    Default Armor Use Question for Mechanics People

    I'm noting that both Double Chain and Augmented Chain have both the same RT and Maneuver Armor Use requirements as per the wiki. Does that seem right to anyone else?

    Taking a look at the old official armor document we see that Double Chain has a -14 Action Penalty, and Augmented Chain has a -16 AP. Wouldn't the cost differ because of that alone?

    Wiki -

    Old Armor Page -

    Any of you smart people care to take a look and see if those numbers add up?
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    According to the wiki
    The skill bonus required to reduce the action penalty to its base value is (20 * Roundtime Adder).
    The old armor page agrees with the wiki on both the RT and AP numbers, so they'll both have the same Armor Use requirements.

    (I'm not the guy to confirm if either page has the correct numbers on either RT or AP, though.)

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    You can check AP using UAC. If the MM is one off then they are different APs.

    No armor should be 0, dobule chain should be -3 (14/4) and augmented -4 (16/4).
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