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Thread: Looking for Augment Chain 6x or better

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    Default Looking for Augment Chain 6x or better

    Got some! No longer looking


    Have some tradeables if that would interest you:

    a pair of fake polished silver fangs (Ghule pair again, another found!)

    a rune-etched black Faendryl robe Significant amount, cloak worn with a bottle of red Faendryl merlot inside

    a dead cat Lots of scripts. EG '02 I think.. weird purchase I know.

    a silver charm bracelet with charms!
    You see a silver charm bracelet with a warrior charm, a rogue charm, a warrior charm, a rogue charm, a spider charm, a lockpick charm and a wizard charm attached. The clasp on the silver charm bracelet appears to be closed.

    an ora threaded eonake mesh greatcloak (for those who reeeeally like wearing all metal)
    Significant amount and 5lbs

    a suit of black alloy field-plate

    Looks like probably plain 4x with the scripts and somewhere around 80lbs plate armor that covers the torso, arms, legs, neck, and head

    (Has pauldrons you can slap and change)
    look field
    You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's glyph. The metal armor is adorned with an elegant set of burnished leather pauldrons. The left pauldron has a crest on it, but it is difficult to discern its details from this angle. The right pauldron is expertly tooled with a stylized image of a fierce ready to strike.

    The creator has also provided the following information:
    You sense that the field-plate can be altered, but bear in mind that no matter what the merchant does, the pauldrons and hardened look of the armor cannot be removed.
    This armor has a creature on the right pauldron that can change by SLAPping the field-plate. Some merchants may be able to change the images on your pauldrons, though the options are quite limited.
    You can try to RUB, POKE, SLAP, KNOCK, and WEAR the field-plate.
    You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the black alloy field-plate for you.
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