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Thread: 6x HCP Doubles, 6x HCW tetsubo - T1 max light

  1. Default 6x HCP Doubles, 6x HCW tetsubo - T1 max light

    Some 6x HCP doubles- some dark double leather. 32m to malmuddy sold

    A dark vultite tetsubo - 6x, 4 lbs, HCw, T1 ensorcelled. 32m to malmuddy sold
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    MB on both please

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    Quote Originally Posted by malmuddy View Post
    MB on both please
    Did you ever complete the trade on that other 6x HCW T5 maul that you won? That guy was looking for you all day yesterday.

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    Maul TWC FTW
    A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

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    I haven't completed the transaction for the other maul yet. I was in-game for a total of 5 minutes tops yesterday. Shot him a message this morning, no response yet.

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    Going once. Updated each night, once, twice, sold.

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    didn't happen to find this weapon in minotaurs did ya? lost mine there

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    Going twice. Sold tomorrow night at 9 pm central.

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