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Thread: New Monk Stat Point Allotment Guidance

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    Default New Monk Stat Point Allotment Guidance

    Hi I am brand new to GS4 and I wanted to make a Human Monk. I was at the character generation page where it states you can allot points to your toon and I was wondering what I should put my points into at start? I read Flimbo's guide on the wiki but I don't think it takes into the character generator points and I'm at a total loss what to do. Anyone able to post a list of where they would put the points?

    Thank you.

    Kenpo lvl 1 Human Monk

    Here are my stats right now

    Constitution (CON) : 90 ... 20
    Dexterity (DEX) : 70 ... 10
    Discipline (DIS) : 80 ... 15
    Logic (LOG) : 50 ... 5
    Intuition (INT) : 60 ... 10
    Strength (STR) : 95 ... 27
    Agility (AGL) : 95 ... 22
    Influence (INF) : 30 ... -10
    Wisdom (WIS) : 40 ... -5
    Aura (AUR) : 50 ... 0

    Bonus Skill Name (Training pts left: 23 phy 15 mnt)
    10 Two Weapon Combat
    10 Combat Maneuvers
    10 Brawling
    10 Physical Fitness
    15 Dodging
    5 Harness Power
    5 Perception
    5 Climbing
    5 Swimming
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    Are you sure you want a human monk, not the way superior halfling? Semi-kidding. For the first 19.9 levels I would max str/agl and dis/log(especially logic because that directly relates to your experience pulse.) You can change your stats 5 times and change your skills as much as you'd like til level 19.9. So in short I'd drop INT, WIS, and CON down and put those points into LOG and DIS. Once you get to the 19.9 level cut off, go here ( and utilize that to set your stats for cap. But again are you super set on a human monk? I mean they don't make the worst monks but I believe halflings or burghal gnomes make better monks.

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    As mentioned, you have 5 chances to do stat reallocation you can use prior to level 20 (just CHECK IN at any FRONT DESK) so don't sweat getting it Just Right immediately.

    For starting out and just trying the game, I'd start with
    StatStarting ValueWhy
    STR80This goes into calculating your UAF.
    CON65Your health and, to a lesser extend, can help reduce severity of wounds a bit.
    DEX65Helps with defense.
    AGI75Helps with defense and UAF.
    DIS75Helps with your XP pool, but otherwise not critical at lower levels.
    AUR60Counts for both mental and physical training points. Otherwise, not critical at lower levels.
    LOG90Helps with your XP pool and how fast you absorb it. High to make leveling faster.
    INT70Helps with dodging which is important to a monk.
    WIS60Defense against spiritual spells. Not super important during your first few levels.
    INF20INF is the least important stat. I think it exists so there's something to ignore.

    For initial training, I'd do:
    SkillTraining plan
    Brawling4 at level 0, then 2 per each level following
    Two weapon combat1 at level 0, then 1 every even level
    Combat Manuevers2 at level 0, then 1 every level after
    Physical training4 at level 0, then 2 every level until 11 (max HP).
    Dodging4 at level 0, then 2 every level
    Climbing0 at level 0, then 1 every level
    Swimming0 at level 0, then 1 every level
    Perception2 at level 0, then 1 every level
    Harness Power0 at level 0, then 1 every odd level
    Spells0 at level 0, then 1 Minor Mental every level

    You'll have a few TPs left over to play around with. Before level 20, you'll have a better idea about the game and should re-visit this. This isn't what I'd suggest following all the way to cap.

    When you change stats at level 19, there's (roughly) two camps: maximize stats for cap (my bias is here) or maximize stats for a lower level and plan to buy a FIXSTATS potion after you cap.

    To max for cap, on a human monk, you want
    StatStarting ValueValue at cap

    I'll leave someone else to make an alternate recommendation for maxing at other levels.
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