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Thread: Armor locker cleanout

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    Default Armor locker cleanout


    Sold and delivered items
    016+20a set of sleek gray casting leathers embossed with runesOTS morphing armor100K - SOLD and delivered
    026+30some full leathermax light5000K - SOLD and delivered
    037+20some thick reinforced leatherFCP (3 points)200K - SOLD and delivered
    058+25a peacock blue leather arming coat embossed with feathersOTS morphing armor500K - SOLD and delivered
    068+30some coppery hammer-crested leathers1 pound over max light5000K - SOLD and delivered
    0712+12some imflass brigandine armorSWCP (4 points + 2 sevices)500K - SOLD and delivered
    0813+20some old vultite chain mailDDP (See note below), Temp mod slash resist2000K - SOLD and delivered
    0913+20some vultite augmented chainFDP (4 points), +3 OHE bonus, +7 Pick Locks Bonus1500K - Sold and delivered
    1020+20some ornate rolaren full plateSanctified500K - SOLD and delivered
    1611+25some veil iron studded leather 500K - SOLD and delivered

    Notes for item 08: some old vultite chain mail doesn't provide new style assess messaging for some reason.
    It sings at 1.3M value if anyone wants to guess what that translates to.
    Exact loresong:
    The harmonics generated tell you that the mail serves to protect from additional damage.
    The mail resonates with your voice, revealing some details of its temporary enhancement:
    The mail's enhancement will degrade when the wearer is struck in combat.
    It should be able to withstand an incredible amount of uses before its enhancement has completely degraded away.
    When its enhancement has degraded away, the item will simply return to normal.

    As your song penetrates the vultite chain mail, you determine that it is temporarily and moderately resistant to slashing attacks.
    Everything from ASSESS:
    You assess the mail for structural weaknesses and strengths.
    Careful examination indicates the vultite chain mail has a base strength of 70 and a base durability of 390. You also determine the current integrity of the vultite chain mail to be at 100.0%.
    Examining the mail closely, it looks like it is decently padded, lessening the damage the wearer takes.
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    I’ll take #1
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    I'll take #7 please

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    I'll take #5, please.

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    i'll take 8

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    Added 4x sanctified full plate.

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    ill take the sanct plate
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    Ill take 3 if it still available

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    Added SWCP 4x light leather, SWCP 5x full leather, and 5x studded leather.

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