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  1. Default Game changing investment

    Your a level 90 giantman paladin.
    trained in sword and board.
    got a 6x tower shield and a 6x fal
    5x fullplate

    Just bought a fixstat.

    Do you use the fixstat and see a change at all in game play?

    or sell the fixstat and invest in some near gear? If so... what is the one thing youve bought that afterwards you were like "Damn, i wish i bought this years ago!" crit weighted weapon? Higher Enchant? Perfect vs Not? Better armor?

    Race: Giantman Profession: Paladin (shown as: Vanquisher)
    Gender: Male Age: 43 Expr: 6394598 Level: 89
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 100 (40) ... 110 (45)
    Constitution (CON): 100 (35) ... 110 (40)
    Dexterity (DEX): 92 (16) ... 92 (16)
    Agility (AGI): 92 (16) ... 92 (16)
    Discipline (DIS): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Aura (AUR): 96 (18) ... 96 (18)
    Logic (LOG): 83 (11) ... 83 (11)
    Intuition (INT): 64 (7) ... 64 (7)
    Wisdom (WIS): 100 (25) ... 110 (30)
    Influence (INF): 69 (14) ... 69 (14)
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    How much do fixstats sell for in silver nowadays? 16m? 20m?

    You are so close to 100 you could fixstat to have maxed stats in 10 levels, if you really like the character i would say invest in that. I havent hunted as sword and board in years, i mainly play pures so I cant really say on how much of a difference a crit weighted weapon would make. But for 15-25m you could get one of those 6x hcw DR 1handers. If it were me, i would definately redo those stats so they all cap at 100. 20m isnt that much imo, and you cant get anything really amazing anyways.
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    If you optimize your stats for level 100, you will lose a decent chunk of TPs, and that might hinder your path to cap. Fixstat when you're like 8.5m exp. Give yourself a little buffer.
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    Fixstat 300ish TP AFTER cap, otherwise you will lose a bunch of skills when you change. I loved my perfect stats, and you would get -1 RT for your mstrikes plus some nice boosts to SMRs. Plus you would get +2xp per pulse more with the increased logic. I think you would feel a fixstat for sure.

    I’m guessing a standard swing is 5rt and a full mstrike is 10?
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    Agreed with those saying wait till after cap. I'd go with an extra million exp or so. I just talked to someone yesterday who went through this and lost 300TPs.
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    I personally would have thought upgrading your 6x weapon to a 6x perfect or 7x perfect would give you better quality of life at this stage. Or buying some decent armor.

    Depends if you find hunting hard, I would have guessed you struggle a bit with your current gear but if you don't then you may want to just fix dem stats.

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    Paladins aren't exactly lacking in power, but I agree, upgrade all 3. Especially the armor and shield for a paladin. There's no reason not to do that AND a fixstat.
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