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Thread: Tier 3 Spider Backpack with 10 Spiders - Holds 200+

  1. Default Tier 3 Spider Backpack with 10 Spiders - Holds 200+

    a midnight-hued web-covered backpack

    15m minimum bid.

    Tier 3 unlocked. 10 spiders inside.

    You carefully inspect your web-covered backpack.
    You estimate that a midnight-hued web-covered backpack can store a gigantic amount (200+ lbs) with enough space for any number (10+) of items.

    Weighs 6 lbs. Cannot be further lightened.

    --------- SPIDER CONTAINERS - ANALYZE INFO ---------

    Spider bags house living spiders that can be customized. Tier 2+ items are also part of the Ghule family of scripts. To see Ghule interactivity options and syntax help for Tier 3, ANALYZE again within 15 seconds.

    You get a strong sense that the backpack can be altered by any merchant. The backpack must always be:
    (1) a "regular" container of some sort (no clothing, jewelry, etc.)
    (2) made out of webs or spidersilk.
    Long descriptions are fine; no shows.

    When altering the spiders inside, bear in mind the following:
    (1) the article will always be a/an (for 1 spider) or a number such as 'two' (for multiple spiders)
    (2) the noun can be pretty much any type of spider, but note that descriptors go into the
    adjective field (eg. for 'brown recluse', 'brown' goes into the adjective field).
    (3) Spiders can have a long description tacked on after the base 15/15/15 but no show.

    This item is currently Tier 3 (of 3) with 10 (of 10) spider(s). It cannot be unlocked further. You have the max # of spiders.

    Features supported: WEAR, REMOVE, POINT my backpack at {target}, OPEN, CLOSE, PULL, TURN (player target option), RUB, GET (item from within), TAP (player target option), and WHISPER (player target option).

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    Mb on this!

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    15m to Brimzstone going once. Will update daily in the evenings since that's when I have time.

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    i really want thise but it would wipe my account just to raise the bid
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    I never understood the appeal of these once the glitch was fixed. They were only special when they could grab stuff in RT, stunned, etc.

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    They can grab things while both your hands are full, though sadly not doomstones or urglaes fangs.
    A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

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    16m to akhann once.

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