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Thread: Minimum S&H/PP training for gambits

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    Default Minimum S&H/PP training for gambits

    As my rogue starts advancing up the Gambits path, I see I need to eventually train some Stalking & Hiding and Pickpockets to complete it. Anyone know what's the minimum I can reasonable get away with? I don't mind it taking a few tries to get a rep. I don't even mind if I have to audience reps in an dark and foggy room (assuming such gives a bonus to completing the reps). I don't want to spend days on a single rep, though.

    When training with a Master, I assume the system accounts for my actual skill and not the max skill I could have at level. Is that correct?

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    You'll also need S&H for subdue too.

    .5x or 24 ranks should be fair to master gambits easily.

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    I found gambits to be the easiest to master. It's probably been 12 or 15 years, but I don't remember having to have any S&H, and you absolutely don't have to have pickpocket ranks (I've never put a point into the skill and I mastered every rogue skill). Partner reps can be a pain if no one is around, but if you work out of the Landing, there are typically people around who are willing to help. As far as I remember, master training is based entirely upon your gambit ranks and skills so you will always be able to succeed. The first rank or two in each new skill is always slow going, but the more gambit ranks you get, the better you get at each gambit.

    As for hiding, like blanks said, you'll want it for subdue and 24 ranks could very well be exactly what you need.

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    Thank you both. I'll give gambits a shot with 24 ranks S&H (but not worry if I get to the stealth part of gambits before then) and no PP.
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