Need an idea of value or any info you know on this stuff. Old locker stuff on most.
Trying to raise a bunch of silvers for a nice weapon, so give me hope!

I wrote what I could find or what I think...
I'll sell whatever when I get an idea of values and confirm attributes unless its an amazing offer.
Some things I have multiples.. sheesh.

1. an arched-brow frowning death mask
Few charges Invisibility, persists

2. knee-length tawny leather overcoat
(sprite cloak) ots (amber-hued wings) signif 10lbs

3. a pair of petite-framed glasses
(superspecs ots) pinworn

4. a soil-filled blue ceramic pot
(Dawdly pot tier 2)

5. a cross-gilt silver tower shield
(holds weapon in leather straps on back)

6. a double-bit rolaren axe
(H4H prize, Long loresong)

7. a glossy obsidian nose ring
8. a tiny golden dragon nose ring
(pin-worn I think, old)

9. a firestone and diamond puzzle sphere
10. a moonstone and pearl puzzle pyramid
11. a diamond and emerald puzzle cylinder
12. a sunstone and gold puzzle cube
(casts spells if you solve it, I think..)

13. a sparkling greenish flasket
(think it changes eye colors?)

14. a veniom-laced spidersilk cloak

15. a dead hairless baby mouse
(NO ideas why I have this..)

16. a deeply hooded elven-crafted robe

17. a faded and torn silk blindfold
(H4H prize)

18. a translucent dark spidersilk longcoat

19. a dark-spotted aster blue flasket
20. a gold-twined deep blue flasket
21. a vivid yellowish green flasket
(changes eye colors I think?)

22. a crimson crystal spiked wristband
(I think these are same as crystal amulets?)

23. a tiny black glaes spider
(thinking imbed?)

24. a rune-etched black Faendryl robe

25. a crystalline fiery scarlet flask
(hair dye, I think..)

26. a sigil-branded blackened skin robe
(creepy looking cloak)

27. a deeply hooded sweeping silk robe
(maybe works with the fangs?)

28. a heavy black iron manacle

29. a faceted ruby dragon scale bracelet
(think its imbed, used to be popular?)

30. a long silver ponytail
(very old, pinworn I think)

31. some elven tracking boots
(small pocket I think)

32. a burgundy liquid-filled vial
a pale crimson liquid-filled vial
(think these are fake blood for a specific weapon?)

33.a silver-beaded pink silk skirt
7 verb scripted, small amount pocket
can lighten and deepen

34.a thin spiral-etched brush
(think you can paint on stuff/people temp?)

35. a scorched black ora tube
(think its a chinese finger trap?)

36. a silver-hilted black faenor stiletto

37. a bottle of black hairdye

38. a pair of fake blood-red fangs
39. a pair of fake black obsidian fangs
(ghule fangs, hidden in inv and scripted)