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Thread: Official: Duskruin February Tentative Dates

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    Default Official: Duskruin February Tentative Dates

    Quote Originally Posted by GM Wyrom
    We are looking to run the Dig February 16th to the 25th. Keep in mind, these dates are tentative.

    Wyrom, PM
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    Based on this firm announcement, I made sure to quit my job today in order to clear up my schedule for Feb. 16th to the 25th, and invested all my savings on an advance purchase of simucoins.
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    I might not want to buy your item if you don't use lich to arrange delivery, unless we make special arrangements. PM me if I bid on your item and you don't use lich to see if we are going to have issues with delivery because I don't want to use ICQ, AOL instant messager, smoke signals, etc. to get in touch.

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