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Thread: MR and enhancive jewelry

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    Default MR and enhancive jewelry

    Selling the following. Every item is rechargeable and some are also enhancive. Delivery pretty much anywhere. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

    All MBs are set at 50k and BO offers will all be considered

    5. a silver and green garnet band - Brace (increase parry/disarm chance with open hands - restrictions apply)

    CB: 550k gilchristr SOLD

    This is a small item, under a pound. In your best estimation, it's worth about 300,000 silvers. You can also tell that there is some type of metal in the structure of the green garnet band.

    You sense a faint aura of magic around the green garnet band. You also feel a faint drawing sensation from it, as though when its charge is depleted, it may be refilled. You sense that this is some type of holy item. From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the band is to cast a spell or perform some magical purpose. Also, it seems to have some sort of enhancive properties.

    This is a tappable item, which casts spells from the Mental sphere. It has 4 charges.

    The green garnet band contains the spell Brace, from the Minor Mental circle.

    The band resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a bonus of 8 to Intuition.
    This enhancement may not be used by adventurers who have not trained 24 times.
    The band looks to have a huge number of charges remaining.

    You sense that the green garnet band will crumble into dust after its last enhancive charge has been expended.

    You sense that the green garnet band will persist after its last magical charge has been expended.
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    250k on 3/4

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    50k on

    6. a turquoise-set silver talisman - Organ Scar Repair

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    500K on 1, 6

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    mb on 5
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    Updated going once

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    250k on 5

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    550k on 5
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    Bids updated. All twice bids will be sold tomorrow evening if no further interest.

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    Some sold. Some still available for opening bids. Twice on one that will be sold tomorrow evening if no further interest.

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