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    Paypal obvi

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    If you just put $5 per they'll probably sell faster because most people are probably too lazy to do simple math.
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    No, actually, Back is not an idiot.
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    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.

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    And feel free to get me banned, not going to stop my lawyer from sending Kranar a subpoena for IP information on a couple of people.

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    Free Chronomage dagger with purchase!
    Looking for: krodera items, the gleaming krodera long knife, oldstyle katanas

    August 20, 2006
    >just ban
    You are currently banished from Wehnimer's Landing.

    >ask clerk about citizen
    The clerk says, "Hrrrm, Mogonis, you do seem to be eligible for full citizenship. Just WRITE your name in the book if you wish to make it official."

    >write book
    You sign your name into the citizenship registration book, fully agreeing to the duties and privileges full citizenship provides you.

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    Free Chronomage dagger with purchase!

    I sold those a bit ago! ....even the two I had in Plat

    Also....3mil left...

    For $5 per million!
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