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Thread: GS related notes from Stillfront Q2-Q3

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    But they can’t afford just one full one coder. Fire extinguisher inspections are ruining the economy.

    I wonder how much more they’d be making if they did microtransactions the right way instead of depending on a handful of whales with mental issues and no self control.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    depending on a handful of whales with mental issues and no self control.
    This is common practice for almost all freemium and free to play games. Two immediate problems though, 1) GS isnt free to play, its not even freemium, its subscription with microtransactions the worst possible model 2) the scale is way off in comparision. Where as other games might have 10's of thousands GS has , at best, thousands, so 1% of the population is like 10-20 people. What also factors into this is, and it might just be even bigger than some of the whales, since a lot of this goes under the radar, is the people who buy $1000 worth of simucoins and flip the books/truck nuts/dingleberries or whatever for each event for silvers and then turn around and sell the silvers back. Thats a potentially huge part of hte secondary market that, if the price of silvers makes that not worth it, could devestate their bottom line. A lot less people would be willing to spend extra cash on the events compared to spending silvers to another player who foots the bill hoping to make a profit off selling silvers.

    THATS the number i'd love to see out of all them because that would go further determining how "healthy" the whole model was. I'd stay anything above 25% of sales coming from people flipping for silvers would be a really bad sign.

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    Should we start an indiegogo now and put all the funds into a bank account so that when the time comes we can make stillfront an offer on the GS code?

    Seriously though ... I don't contribute shit (since life sucks and I hardly even get to play (script) GS anymore) but I enjoy reading these articles and feel better knowing someone other than me does actually care what happens to GS in the long run.

    Thanks to everyone for all the time you put into figuring out some shit and making these posts and discussing here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    Fire extinguisher inspections are ruining the economy.
    the fire extinguishers will never get old
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