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Thread: Cleanout

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    p3 - 10m

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    E13 100k. My plan worked!

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    C4 - 225k
    C9 - 8m
    o6 - 1.3m

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    E14 4.25

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    e7 13m
    c9- 9m
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    Are you arranging delivery today?

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    5.5mil on W1
    [LNet]-GSIV:Nitefallz: "wait whats a poop sock"

    [Merchant]-GSIV:Skoll: "Some say the customer is always right, some say the customer is a bitch ass loser and needs to shut up"

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    6m on w1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shabar View Post
    6m on w1
    You already have the high bid at 5.5M. If you really want to raise it, I won't complain, but I thought I'd point that out first.

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    Updated, more stuff sold.
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