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Thread: Cleanout

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    A6 100K
    W6 4M
    C9 3M
    O5 100K
    O9 1M
    O25 1M

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    f3 250k

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    15m a2, 5m on a3, 1m on c3, 1m on c8, please

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    250k on f2 and f3.
    It must be hard to type with ghostcrawlers penis lodged in your ass. - g++

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    a2 Dark vultite full plate 7x, HCP -- 16m on this.

    a4 Elven robe 8x, HCP -- 10m on this please
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    Out of room at The Tomb

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    boosting bids on
    c3 1.5 mil
    C9 3.5 mil
    o9 1.5 mil

    all bids paid in USD if won

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    5m on e12
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    20m on a2, 2m on c3, please

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    a1 500k
    a2 7m
    a3 5m
    a4 3m

    o8 250k
    o9 1m
    o13 250k
    o14 250k
    o20 250k
    o23 250k
    me: fuck yeah got a good hit in, like 70 damage!
    <goat walks in and hits for 2100>

    alright well, fuck you too. /quit

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    I need like....a scoreboard to keep track of bids in real time.
    Looking for: krodera items, the gleaming krodera long knife, oldstyle katanas

    August 20, 2006
    >just ban
    You are currently banished from Wehnimer's Landing.

    >ask clerk about citizen
    The clerk says, "Hrrrm, Mogonis, you do seem to be eligible for full citizenship. Just WRITE your name in the book if you wish to make it official."

    >write book
    You sign your name into the citizenship registration book, fully agreeing to the duties and privileges full citizenship provides you.

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