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Thread: Cleanout

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    2m a4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tei View Post
    What is the full description of c8?
    a small silver and black wizard's bag cinched with brilliant, tightly woven spidersilk strands

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    500k o1
    500k o20
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    A4 - 5m
    W1 - 1m
    E7 - 5m
    E9 - 13m
    O6 - 500k
    O13 - 500k
    O25 - 1m
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    A2 37m

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    a3 - 3M
    a4 - 6m
    w1 - 2m
    W6 - 1M
    e13 - 1m
    o25 - 1.5 m
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    Updated. Please note that I found a typo in item a3's properties. It is actually 8x (+40) enchant. The original post has been updated to reflect the correct enchant.

    ETA: Also just beginning to check pm's.
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    A9 7.5m

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    F3 1m

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    C8 $10
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