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Thread: Cleanout

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    I think you missed my private message bid.

    w1 long bow 6M
    e1 armguards 5M
    o6 DEX orb 2M

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    I'll raise the bid on c4 to 300k. Thank you.

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    Updated. If you have a winning bid and you have not received a pm from me, please contact me.

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    w1 6.5m

    e1 5.5m

    o6 2.5m

    I haven't heard from you yet but I assume you're waiting until I finish with these items. Just FYI I'll be paying cash.
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    w1 - 7m

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    Updated, on my phone this morning, will try to get in for deliveries this afternoon.

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    e1 7m

    w1 8m

    06 3.5m

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    Updated and calling everything sold. If you have a high bid and we have not set up delivery details contact me soon because there is a time limit.

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