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Thread: Updated trade list, incl. +43 expb bane ironwright lance

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    Default Updated trade list, incl. +43 expb bane ironwright lance

    Yesterday, I unexpectedly came into ownership of another fancy weapon. It is +43 lance, extraplanar bane (heavy crit weighting), ironwright flaring (void/disruption/web), and max light. It is also made of coraesine, though I understand it has none of the mechanical properties of coraesine. Japhrimel made a nice, in-depth post on it when he sold it last year.

    It is right up my alley (pole-swinging sorcerer). So much so, that I already have almost the exact same properties on my current pike, except that my current one also has rotflares.

    So I figure I'll eventually sell it, but I'd rather trade it for something fun. I'll also consider trades with silver/bloodscrip/cash added on either side to balance it out. (And in the mean time, feel free to discuss pure bloodscrip/cash offers, but understand that I may defer acting on them for some time. Of course, that means I don't expect you to be bound to your offers at this point either. I'll listen to silver offers, too, but more interested in the other two currencies.)

    Examples of things I'm interested in:
    • High-end enhancives. Combat maneuvers in particular, but also those involving STR, AUR, WIS, AGI, DEX, LOG, and Pole.
    • X/days that are not from MnS/MnE/sorcerer circles. I've also already got self-chargers of: 211, 303, 307, 310, 313, 507, 508, 509, 520, 606, 613, 618, 905, 913, 1220, 1235, 1606, 1610, 1612, 1617, 1611.
    • Enhancive spell knowledge, even if I've already got a self-charger of it
    • Fun stuff from the last GM auction (e.g. that energy blaster bracer, or a swap for higher-strength witchhunter talons than the green 25% ones I already own)

    Other things I could relinquish without too much trouble:
    • Loose old-style orbs: +13 dex, +13 pole
    • My Mid- to mid-high-end backup enhancives. Examples:
      • Leg greaves:+12 AGI
      • Earworns: +4 WIS, +5 AUR, +6 AGI, +7 STR, or +8 DEX
      • Neckworn: +5 CM neckworn
      • Ring: +4 STR
      • Pins: +3 WIS, +5 DEX, +6 AUR
    • +30 fusion naginata (optionally with +15 DEX/+14 AGI old-style orbs, or just the orbs)

    Other things I would consider trading, but probably not:
    • The self-charger spells listed above
    • +35 HCP maxlight fusion doubles, unlocked fusion script
    • +40 LOG daggers
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    me: fuck yeah got a good hit in, like 70 damage!
    <goat walks in and hits for 2100>

    alright well, fuck you too. /quit

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    Bump cause ironwright is back in the spotlight for Duskruin. This will definitely be cheaper than an IW cert!
    me: fuck yeah got a good hit in, like 70 damage!
    <goat walks in and hits for 2100>

    alright well, fuck you too. /quit

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