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Thread: Script to start/ end scripts?

  1. Default Script to start/ end scripts?

    I love the ;disarm-no-more script when hunting in OTF. I also love ;webdispel for OTF hunting.


    When swimming through the muck disarm-no-more freaks out and I have drowned 2X because I was not paying attention (hunt over, ;go 188 - oh look I am dead).

    With web dispel I keep killing Ylandra's webs when she is hunting bandits.

    So I need something to start these scripts and then end them? Maybe based on entering a room?

    Any suggestions?



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    you could create a script that looks for the starting room# to be true, then it launches support scripts, then it goes into loop waiting to see you hit one of the boundary rooms (ie you left the hunting area) and it would kill them. Should be something like:

    hunting_scripts = Array["disarmed","webdispel"]
    before_dying {
    	hunting_scripts.each { |s| kill_script(s) }
    loop {
      line = get
      if == UserVars.op['hunting_room_id'].to_i
        hunting_scripts.each { |s| Script.start(s) }
        loop {
    		line = get
    		if UserVars.op['hunting_boundaries'].split(",").map{ |s| s.to_i }.include?
    			hunting_scripts.each { |s| kill_script(s) }
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    That's exactly what I was hoping for and I assume I would put the script names I want to run in the array? Makes sense... Thanks for the help!!!

    I was actually thinking a bit more simple with matching a specific room # to start and a specific # to leave - but this is farm more adaptable.

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    I think we should probably just fix disarm-no-more. Part of the magic of that script is that it also watches for something to get knocked out of your hands as you're running in and out of a place, which is a big deal in OTF. There's code in disarm-no-more that's supposed to keep it from freaking out when you swim through the water, but it's obviously not working. I'm going to take a look at it this weekend and see if I can figure out why.

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    Imp - you get a chance to look at this?

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