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Thread: 7x perfect veil iron shot morning-star

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    Default 7x perfect veil iron shot morning-star

    7x perfect max lighten at 4 pounds
    T-5 ensorcelling
    5 services of crit weighting

    30 mil

    You carefully inspect your veil iron shot morning-star.

    After a careful inspection you determine that a perfect veil iron shot morning-star requires skill in blunt weapons to use effectively. It appears to be a modified morning star.

    You remember that you registered this item a couple months ago.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of mithril.

    Careful examination indicates the veil iron shot morning-star has a base strength of 82 and a base durability of 187. You also determine the current integrity of the veil iron shot morning-star to be at 100.0%.

    Checking out the morning-star, it looks like it is lightly weighted to inflict more critical blows than a normal weapon of its type.

    [A perfect veil iron shot morning-star has a combat effectiveness rating of 0 points of Critical weighting and a 50.0% chance to have a combat effectiveness rating of 1. It has 5 of 10 services towards the next full rank of combat effectiveness. It has been serviced 5 times in this service window, which resets in 0d 0h 0m.]
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    Sold! I want! I want!

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    How did you get veil iron into the description of a weapon made out of mithril?

    Very cool to see, though - perfect veil iron.
    me: fuck yeah got a good hit in, like 70 damage!
    <goat walks in and hits for 2100>

    alright well, fuck you too. /quit

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    That is rad

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    wonder if the game will ever see perfect adamantine whatever? would throw my comp at the wall if I ever saw that flash across my monitor

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    it isn't perfect veil iron though but that could exist cuz slabs have been released. its veil iron shot so basically the same as being -edged or -tipped. You could technically do that with adamantine if they'll alter with it and you sacrifice a piece for fodder.

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    Should have made it an urglaes black veil iron shot morning star.

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    Nice grab mac if you didn't grab it I was going to

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