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Thread: EG Verlok Whisper Mask

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    Default EG Verlok Whisper Mask

    2013 EG Whisper Mask

    You tap a golden verlok mask, which is in your right hand.

    Crafted from a pale white wood, the mask has been thinly gilded. A ring of gold encircles the eye-sockets and then extends downward and out along a razor-edged beak. Concentric rings of metallic feathers, cleverly affixed beneath the gilding, spray outward across the mask. Each feather seems individually wrought and placed, and together they leave just the hint of pale wood between feather and face. A golden verlok mask is currently oriented to the right. Both of its eye sockets are empty.

    4m flat.

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    On hold for potential purchase.

    Edit: No response as of yet.
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    Bumping. I'm waiting until the end of the month to hear from them - if you're interested, offer and if I don't hear from them it's yours.

    Edit: No response, fresh on the market again.
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    Bump, they never responded.

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    ok I'll buy it.

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    Gotcha, I'll contact you

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