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Thread: A fistful of stat enhancives

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    Default A fistful of stat enhancives

    Once, twice, sold nightly.

    MB: 40K each.
    BOs entertained.

    IDItemLocationSpellMagic PeristsEnh. PersistsEnh. ChargesEnhanciveCB
    1thin rat's tail ankletankleN/AN/AYfair amount+2 dexterity (no restriction)Sold and delivered
    2tooled mithril ringfingerblankYYgiantman+2 logic bonus (7), +1 mana recovery (4)Sold and delivered
    3sapphire-set sterling silver neckchainneckblankYYa lot+6 constitution (21), +7 influence (19), +2 arcane symbols bonus (4)Sold and delivered
    5long-cut alexandrite pinpin worn1112 (System Scar Repair) - tap - rechargeableYYgiantman+2 dexterity bonus (11)Sold and delivered
    6faceted ruby inset copper pinpin worn112 (Water Walking) - tap - rechargeableYYgiantman+2 agility bonus (11)Sold and delivered
    7rune-etched copper bandfingerblank - rechargeableYNquite a few+3 influence bonus (14)Sold and delivered
    8gem-encrusted sterling silver bandfingerblank - rechargeableYNa lot+4 agility bonus (37), +4 max stamina (10)Sold on BO offer
    10jade-inlaid gold bucklepin wornblank - rechargeableYNgiantman+5 dexterity (15)Sold and delivered
    11ivory and star sapphire broochpin wornblank - rechargeableNNgiantman+2 constitution bonus (11)Sold and delivered
    12pear-cut amethyst armbandwristblankNNa lot+2 aura bonus (21)Sold on BO offer

    (Numbers in parenthesis are level requirements.)
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    50k - 5,6, 10,1, 3, 7

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    250k on 3 , 10, 11
    500k on 5
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    mb on 8
    I might not want to buy your item if you don't use lich to arrange delivery, unless we make special arrangements. PM me if I bid on your item and you don't use lich to see if we are going to have issues with delivery because I don't want to use ICQ, AOL instant messager, smoke signals, etc. to get in touch.

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    60k - 5
    60k - 6
    MB - 8
    MB - 10
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    35k on 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotin View Post
    35k on 2
    Minimum is 40K.

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    100k 1,5,10,12
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    2M on 5


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