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Thread: Looking for Dex or SA Orbs

  1. Default Looking for Dex or SA Orbs

    Looking for "high end" Dex and SA orbs, preferably +10 or higher BONUS.



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    I've got a few:

    +10 SA Bonus.
    6 to Dexterity.
    8 to Dexterity.
    4 to Dexterity Bonus.
    5 to Dexterity Bonus.

    Let me know if you are interested.
    Boora's General Store

    a gear-marked grey stone edifice with two gears covering the top

    Wehnimer's Landing
    Lich ID: 5631
    Map ID: 19

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    Boora - PM sent

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    BUMP - still looking. Only want T3 orbs (obv)

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