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Thread: Account clean out.

  1. Default Account clean out.

    I may be selling off everything, or perhaps nothing; I haven't decided yet. I'm curious what the market rate is on various items as I haven't followed it much.

    16 million Elf Wizard - alchemy master
    7.7 million Elf Rogue - significant guild work
    lvl 80 Elf Warrior - significant guild work
    lvl 34 Giant Cleric
    lvl 27 Elf Empath

    6300 premium points - does it make a difference in price if there's an account takeover for these?
    1300 platinum points - is there any market at all for these?

    8x HCP robe
    8x fusion (empty) full plate
    7x HCP full plate
    6x t2 full plate
    7x tower shield - various scripts
    eahnor aventail - plasma flares
    various 4x fusion armors, most every class

    7x fusion (empty) spear, light crit weighting (20 services)
    6x (+28) spear
    6x fusion (empty) longbow
    5x falchion +9 edged bonus
    various 4x fusion weapons

    Cloak max L/D, Enormous amount (200), Skellie cloak scripts
    bag worn on belt max L/D, VLA scripts for open and close
    sack worn on belt max L/D, slightly large amount
    bandolier t2 cidolfhus
    elven infantry harness - weapon displayer
    wand sack worn on belt max L/D, slightly large amount
    braided elven satchel worn on shoulder, VLA, max L/D.

    Fusion orbs:
    12 to stamina recovery
    5 to stamina recovery
    6 to max stamina
    4 to max mana
    6 to mana recovery
    8 to dexterity stat
    3 to dexterity stat
    8 to agility stat
    14 to agility stat
    2 to strength bonus
    6 to strength bonus
    5 to wisdom bonus
    5 to dexterity bonus
    4 to dexterity bonus
    6 to ambush bonus
    10 to ambush bonus
    6 to harness power bonus
    7 to thrown weapons bonus
    7 to polearm weapons bonus
    8 to polearm weapons bonus
    11 to polearm weapons bonus
    6 to edged weapons bonus
    8 to spell aiming bonus
    10 to spell aiming bonus
    14 to spell aiming bonus
    10 to two weapon combat

    signet - +5 Spell Aim bonus
    ferroniere - +5 EL-Fire
    crown - +10 Spell Aim bonus, +6 EL Fire bonus
    earring - +2 Spell Aim ranks, +2 Aura bonus
    armguard x2 - +4 Range bonus

    mangled steel spoon MR Heroism
    uncut diamond MR heroism

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    Several larger premium point chunks have been sold in the last couple months. You can search for them or my estimate is they were selling for 15,000 - 20,000 silver per premium point (or the cash equivalent). I cannot speak to if account takeover influences the price.

    A ton of 6x HCP armor was sold after (the most recent?) Duskruin, so again you should be able to search for prices there then make an adjustment for the extra enchant. I THINK the "standard" asking price was 25M, although some folks were asking 30-35M. My recollection is there may have been a premium paid for plate over brig/doubles, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Randomly moving down to the +5 spell aim bonus signet, I paid 500k for a +7 spell aim bonus item (cheap IMO) and 2M for a +6 SA bonus item (overpaid IMO), so I'd estimate that around 1M. I'd offer 1.5M to get it now and NOT deal with auction-related emails every day.

    Curious: how many charges to the MR heroism items hold?

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    Very interested in +14 SA orb. I can pay cash or silvers. Please let me know if you are willing to sell separately. Potentially also the signet and crown assuming they are perm.

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    Within the last 1-2 days a couple armors sold that are in the neighborhood to your 7x HCP full plate. 7x HCP max light platemail $150 ("worse" armor class as far as demand), and 6x HCP doubles T4 ensorcell 37M or $200 (this is probably a good barometer, maybe you can get a pinch more).

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    ...better be nothing. How you supposed to warcamp anymore without your gear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakoon View Post
    ...better be nothing. How you supposed to warcamp anymore without your gear?
    You tell him, Kakoon! He knows how I feel about it
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    You attend to your gold wirework circlet, carefully smoothing the hair underneath, and adopt a regal air as you survey the area.

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    I'd be happy to get into a bidding war over that +10 SA crown if you do (and be happy to start at 10m).

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    Are you taking cash or also silver for these?

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    Please don't go. The Elves have spoken.
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    id be interested in the cleric and empath characters... can you Pm me Info on them if your willing to sell please? Info, skills, fixskills status, society, profile full, justice status.. Thanks
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