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Thread: the difference between level 2 and level 4 enhansives

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    Default the difference between level 2 and level 4 enhansives

    It's explained on wiki but I guess I just don't get it:

    Level 1 - Gives a statistic bonus or increases max mana, health, or stamina
    Level 2 - Increases a skill's bonus
    Level 3 - Increases stat recovery for mana, spirit, stamina, or health
    Level 4 - Increases a character's ranks in a given skill
    Isn't increasing a skill's bonus better than increasing its ranks? sort of like stat vs stat bonus, where stat bonus always trumps stat?

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    Not sure I understand the confusion, but before you hit 24 ranks, an increase in ranks corresponds to multiple bonus increases. So if you're at 0 ranks, +1 to skill ranks will result in +5 bonus. While it evens out after 24 ranks (meaning +1 rank will only result in +1 bonus), the increased cost is due to those earlier potential bonuses.
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    1-10 ranks = 5 bonus per rank
    11-20= 4 bonus per rank
    21-30= 3
    And everything above 40 is 1:1.

    Ranks are more expensive to recharge because a +5 ranks COULD be +25 bonus if you have no ranks in the skill. Rank enhancives are usually NOT preferred as if you have more than 40 ranks, it’s the same as a bonus enhancives with a much higher recharge cost.
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    Got it. I didn't realize 1 rank was more than 1 bonus at early ranks. My other confusion stems from this statement about Level 4 expansiveness "Level 4: Bonuses to Skill Ranks and Bonuses" If it's a bonus to skills ranks AND bonus, doesn't it mean a double bonus?
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    Perhaps it’s referringvto fusion? You can’t have two bonus or two stat orbs, but you can have one of each. My plate has +7 stat bonus dex and +14 stat orbs for an effective +14 stat bonus or +28 stat, which are the same.

    Same with ranks + bonus orbs for skills.

    Also of note, because of this steep early bonus gain for skills getting a few can be worth the investment. 30 ranks gives you 120 bonus.
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    I don't think it's talking about fusion, see this screen:
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    You can't add this premium service to fusion gear or make an orb if that what you mean.

    Level 4 is the only way to add ranks, and Zarston and Ososis explained well the reason the cost is higher for both recharge and premium point cost.

    For postcap there really isn't a reason long term to want more than level 2 if you want to enhance skills (both in bonus but of varying skills). Unless, like fusion items, you want to pair a rank and bonus of the same skill (like OHE rank & Bonus of 7/3, 6/4, 5/5 allocation).

    If not enhancing skills level 1 and 3 are good too for those needs.
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