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Thread: Quitting GS

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    Also, tldr, dreaven has been implicated in a sexual assault where he exposed himself. As such, he is being let go from gs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathbringer View Post
    Also, tldr, dreaven has been implicated in a sexual assault where he exposed himself. As such, he is being let go from gs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyrentennimar View Post
    To clarify I don't think simu opening the discord had jack to do with control, Whirlin rage quit, then he got pissed off over more drama and really quit when he was supposedly about to come back. Right after that is when the official discord thing happened, literally right after. I could go into more on that but I don't feel like bringing out more drama. I would also argue certain players were trying to drag the gm's onto the new forum, and considering at least one post I saw on here with the stupid shit storm tossed at one of the gm's it's no wonder they don't come on here.

    That being said it's going to be harsh without you running dreavenings. It made life easier for a lot of people.
    Whirlin quit because GS made an official Discord channel instead of people using "Gemstone by Whirlin" one?


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    Only nerds quit.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by Necro View Post
    The game has apparently 4~5 more years in it before closing up
    I've been hearing this claim for the past 20 years.

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    As much as you've lost pleasure in the game and that might be a huge part of why you're going, I promise there are tremendous benefits to your personal life when a lot of your time isn't invested into gaming. I made the leap the day my son was born and have never regretted it. Good on you TGO.

    P.S. We all know you're quitting because you're not making 20k a month anymore and you can't tag people on the officials.
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    I'm sorry if you feel down but you make the decisions so I can't convince you to stay. At least you said it in advance and not left for no reason. I guess I took you're services for granted and It has been great to see you and actually help anyone you meet. Whatever you maybe up to I hope it makes you happy. There are many games out there for you to play. I play Team Fortress 2 and my name is Rommel12304 there. If you are feeling a little penny punchy there are lots and I mean LOTS of hats to buy if you wanna look cool. Also some classic games would be nice to unwinde, like for me I play Red Alert 2 and Generals. I'm such an old timer!

    Truly this disheartens me for such an important person who most people took for granted to leave. Guess I'll just woo some wizard or whatever to give me some spells. I'm asimpleman, allI need is Strength and Thurfel's ward, anda few spells for undead to fight. It's the Claidhmore.

    I am new here, maybe about three months old. I like the community how friendly people are and how almost everyone is available for RP. But if you leave I won't beg for you to stay, leave if you have. You may just return one day, in maybe 5 or 10 years suppose the game lasts. I am concerned for the future of the community but there is nothing I can do about it, few here can. It's up to the higher ups for them to come to their

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    Senses and somehow change. Is there a chance it may happen? Maybe. Are they doing it, I don't know. Again it's up to them to wake up. I hope you are happy to leave and again thank you all and I'm sorry if I annoyed anyone ingame or in the forums. See you in TF 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    It seems crazy to spend almost 200 dollars a month on a game that one does not enjoy that much. And that is true.


    There are other factors that played into this decision. I don't like the general direction the game is going, more and more pay events etc. I don't like the GMs' apparent desire to want to control all outside discussions of this game (taking over the wiki, trying to get everyone to move over to a new official-unofficial forum, starting their own Discord server to replace the player ran one, etc.)
    Just wanted to quote these particular points because they're things I feel very strongly about as well. I only have 2 accounts, one premium and one regular, but even then I have a difficult time justifying spending even ~$50 a month for a game when the company feels they need to charge for never ending pay festivals AND have a cash shop on top of everything. I don't feel like a customer, I feel like a mark.
    You had better pay your guild dues before you forget. You are 113 months behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fyrentennimar View Post
    Supposedly done done, in any event it makes sense for a company to be running an official discord if they are going to use discord. I doubt they suddenly said screw all you guys, you can't have a player run discord about our game. I mean I could be wrong and they did but I doubt it.
    Normally I would agree but half of Simuís business model is getting players to do stuff for them for free that theyíre usually too cheap and lazy to do themselves. The other half is getting their GMs to do everything else for pizza and beer money. Not even good beer either. They can probably only afford a 6 pack of Pabst, not even the tall cans. Probably ponies.

    Please make a huge spectacle on the officials on your way out so Simu can look really stupid. Make sure to go off about the WPS bait & switch too.

    When Dreaven is gone I will be offering Methenings. For only $10 a month you can have unlimited spell ups in whatever town Iím in at the time.
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    And feel free to get me banned, not going to stop my lawyer from sending Kranar a subpoena for IP information on a couple of people.

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