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Thread: Quitting GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methais View Post
    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Methais again."
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonoftheNorth View Post
    We can only hope.

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    Just wanted to hop in and comment that since "the Dreavenings" started I really enjoyed the service they provided to all of the fellow players in the game. I often commented that they couldn't go on forever, and to enjoy them while they lasted. I am glad you have made the decision to quit since you have lost the passion for the game - no one should feel obligated to provide a service such as this, and at a personal cost to yourself. Thank you sincerely - I know myself, my friends, and many others enjoyed hours of great gameplay as a result of the services you provided.

    I hope you eventually return, as we all do, years and years later. If not, thank you again for making such a charitable contribution to the community as a whole.

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    Echoing other folks here, thanks for the service you provided to the community. Definitely helped to re-spark my interest in the game when I came back.

    Always sad to loose folks who work to make the community better for other people, and for no real personal gain at that. Both you and Whirlin will be missed.

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    I'll miss you. And I don't mean your spellups. I mean your face!

    But seriously (though that was serious)...

    Considering all the unwarranted drama that got thrown your way, if I were you I probably would have quit doing the Dreavenings a long time ago. Granted, it was a vocal minority, but people would complain about you monopolizing spellups or making the game too easy or lag or whatever else--even though it was never really just you, but all of us who went to the Dreavenings who made them what they were. You just took the brunt of the criticism, even though in my eyes you were the least selfish one of the 50-130 people there, and the one least deserving that criticism.

    And I realize you didn't say a word about any of that just now and that's not why you're quitting, and it's more about money and fun and the silver economy and the direction of the game... I get it. I'm just bringing it up because I do think it's good you won't have to deal with random haters anymore. You're obviously a talented guy and I'm sure you'll find something great to do with your time. There's definitely no sense in sticking around paying for a game if you're not having fun, that's for sure.

    So I'll just say thank you for everything. The funny, ironic thing is that even though you always train professions in their archetypes, you became an enabler for me to make all my characters mutants and get away with nonsense like a TWC paladin without even needing a stockpile of scrolls.

    And thanks for being you in general too. I wasn't kidding about your face--you got a good laugh out of me with that :O almost every time!

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    Not much i can say, i've been out of the loop since october but we'll all miss you man, if you stay you stay, if you don't you don't, i hope you find as much enjoyment out of the next thing you go to as you've had in gemstone! (before the whole loss of enjoyment stuff)
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    Fuck that small minority

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    Sorry to see you go, Dreaven. Your service definitely helped me get back into things, and like Leafiara said, it enabled alot of my mutants. (It also inspired me to begin growing my own horde of spellbots, not sure if that's good or bad.)

    I'll continue to support you on Patreon until you close it out; not sure when you're making this officially official. Good luck, no matter what you do.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Parkbandit View Post
    I've been hearing this claim for the past 20 years.
    Closer to 30 now for me. "TEH GEMSTONE III IS CLOSING!!OEONE@@!!" since like 1995? We're still here.....
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