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    Default Unless Horribly Unlucky

    Am I understanding the wiki correctly?

    If your enchant difficulty detects at "unless horribly unlucky..." there is no reason to add enhancives - there are no levels of "horribly" and there is nothing to be gained.


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    I think this is short of a fumble based on how you are allocated through training you are good to go so I would say no enhancives needed

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    Yeah, though you still might want to use a Gift of Eonake on the last cast to give you a second roll in the case of a fumble.

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    Thereís always a 3% chance of failure on the final cast so thatís the best reading you can get.
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    From the Official forum:

    Re: Enchanting humor on 01/08/2018 04:06 PM EST
    >And. . . do we know if 4 results in a negative open ended roll or not?

    from Contemplar during the wiki page review:

    Currently there is no open roll for the enchant attempt.

    I may have been wrong, but that is not true.

    Open rolls are allowed, and thus that is why Robert was able to get that result. I had to double check it myself! His skill as an enchanter had overcome that deficit regardless. Consider yourself lucky the roll wasn't worse!

    It means that you rolled really badly, but not at a point where there would be a fumble.

    I apologize for the miscommunication on the rolls.


    Re: Enchanting humor on 01/09/2018 02:46 PM EST
    >I took away that it was NOT the 3% chance of failure, but WAS an open(-low) roll.

    >It wound up only taking him down to (for example) -83 total, and the sum of his Enchanting capabilities took him up to <high enough to succeed anyway>.

    >However, had the roll continued (roll >=95 to keep the "open" results calculating), it may have wound up in the -127 range, or worse, and then his Enchanting skill would NOT have been sufficient to still have a successful result.

    That pretty much sums it up. <nod>


    Re: Enchanting humor on 01/09/2018 04:47 PM EST
    >can you explain in English please?

    >Are you confirming the 2 separate rolls?

    Yes. There are 2 separate rolls.

    So with the open roll it seems that every advantage is important.

    "You're well beyond training for a reason."...Gelston

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    Re: bad text and grammar when witnessing an enchant fail on 01/17/2018 05:30 PM EST
    >GS4 Contemplar, any chance you can check the negative roll penalty again. I can't duplicate this. I completed two more projects with astoundingly inept messaging on the final step. I >reduced the character's margin for error to zero ( negative roll should result in a failure) with encumbrance and despite the messaging each of the three 925 channels were successful. Thanks!

    >Previous post:


    Alas! You are one-hundred percent correct, Mark! I was wrong when I stated that the roll was an open d100. I could have sworn at one point it was, or it should have been an open roll.

    At risk of frustrating our Wiki-Guru I was apparently correct way back when I made the first post for the enchant updates that the d100 is NOT an open roll. I confused myself when I saw the messaging for ineptness which indicates a 1 was rolled. I mistakenly saw it as less than one, which would have been an open d100.

    Sorry for the confusion!

    "You're well beyond training for a reason."...Gelston

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