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Thread: First 30 days or level 20?

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    Default First 30 days or level 20?

    So I've read posts saying that characters get 5 free fixskills before their first 30 days is up and others that say characters get 5 free fixskills before they hit level 20. I'm assuming the 30 days rule is obsolete and level 20 is the cutoff for the 5 free fixskills right?

    So just to be clear, as long as I have not yet reached level 20, regardless of how many days have passed, I get 5 free fixskills?

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    From level 0-19.999999 you have accelerated skill migration. Meaning you can change skills really really fast all the time.
    You get 5 fixstats through check in at the inn. Able to change stats around.
    Both.of these disappear the second you hit level 20
    W3 4R3 4N0NYM0U5.
    W3 4R3 L3610N.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R61V3.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R637.

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