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Thread: Lesser SD Vambraces

  1. Default Lesser SD Vambraces

    $1100 PayPal gift. No silvers please.

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    What are they?

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    Yeah bro

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    I want these so badly, but never for the price they charge
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    W3 4R3 4N0NYM0U5.
    W3 4R3 L3610N.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R61V3.
    W3 D0 N07 F0R637.

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    I used to have a little sorcerer and these were priceless. Ability to get out of hard RT is worth the price of admission IMO.

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    Do these work out of berserk?

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    No you can’t scream while berserking

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    You can scream too while berserking, but for anyone curious, that scream is not the same and no, it indeed does not pull you out of berserk (tested).

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    item is sold.

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