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Thread: Do single-character players still play?

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    Iíve been playing on and off for years, and have only ever played one character on one account.

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    Been playing since the early AOHHell days. I've one account, one character, always have, always will.
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    I have always been curious about this. One account, but I always have had several characters. Usually on premium, but there have been lean times I was on basic + 1 extra character. I need at least two or I will end up getting bored.
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    On and off for years, but always one account, and usually just one character.

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    I've had many accounts but only one active at a time. I usually only play one character at a time. For the last few years that's primarily been Kips.
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    One account. One character at a time.

    Avaia(obviously), has been my main for a long time. I do have a serious case of altitis, so Ranger/Rogue/Wizard/Cleric/Monk/Empath/Warrior/Paladin/Bard(so far) do get playing time. That will taper off eventually, I'm sure, as once you get to the mid-range of levels, the grind becomes very real.

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    Avaia(obviously), has been my main for a long time.
    Liar. Everyone knows you play Jeril.
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    Liar. Everyone knows you play Jeril.

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